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Eastern Motors is a respected company all over the world for the production of
the highest and best quality vehicles at the lowest cost in a safe environment.
They achieve this goal by following the principles of promoting mutual respect,
the coexistence of their values ??and the maintenance of a continuous learning
environment. To make safety and health a priority, accept individual
responsibility for their own safety and that of others, and to earn and
maintain the respect and loyalty of their internal and external customers, live
according to their philosophy that the “following process is our client.
“Reaching an environment where all team members treat others with dignity,
trust each other and worry about the work they do, encourage initiative and
creativity. To demonstrate the highest ethical standards in all interactions,
they respect their commitments, admit their shortcomings and act as corporate
citizens responsible from an environmental, social and economic point of view.
To ensure the success of your business, each team member is responsible for
working together, honestly communicating, sharing ideas and ensuring team
members’ understanding.

They have
been in the automotive industry for the past 30 years before the founding of
Toyota Eastern Motors, they have operated under the name Sajjad Motors since
1981 and have managed the Toyota and Suzuki operations. Sajjad Motors
(currently Toyota Eastern Motors) is located on Main University Road, in
Karachi, Pakistan. After an extraordinary sales performance over the past 10
years and the reputation of the president’s personality, Sajjad Motors offered
to be one of the largest Toyota-Daihatsu 3S dealers (Sales, Service, and Parts)
in Pakistan of Indus Motors Company Limited. It was an honor for them to be
chosen among the best of the best of all time. The offer was accepted with
honor under the name of Toyota Eastern Motors in 1991.

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Recruitment and selection process:

At Toyota
Eastern Motors, the experienced human resources team worked closely with the
line management, carefully defining the selection criteria for vacancies,
making sure they selected the right person for the vacant position. They
believe in both internal and external recruitment. If you are a new graduate or
you already have an impressive track record, if you are looking to make a
difference, Toyota Eastern Motors is your right stage.

The key
phases of recruitment and selection are detailed below:


The sources
are internal references, through advertising, word of mouth, campaigns on
social networks, websites, etc.

questions consist of a CV describing the work history, a copy of the
qualifications (if applicable) and a cover letter that addresses the selection


reviewed against set criteria. This step is often completed initially by a
recruitment consultant before being forwarded to the Toyota Eastern Motors HR

• The first
round is an interview with human resources and the line manager at the Toyota
Eastern Motors facility. This interview will evaluate the candidate’s ability
through the key selection criteria.

• The second
round of interviews for pre-selected candidates will further deepen the
complexity of the function and could include an assessment at the workplace,
where the applicant will have time to evaluate a case study and present its

• Reference
checks: All candidates are examined before starting with Toyota Eastern Motors.
The right referees are the people you’ve previously worked with, preferably
your direct manager. Further information will be provided if relevant.

On boarding and Induction:

applicant will be the subject of a boarding phase and the induction that will
be presented the way, mentality and actions of Eastern Toyota Motors, ensuring
that they will have a thorough understanding of how Toyota Motors operates in
both strategic and operational orientations.

People Organization Match:

The Toyota
Way is above all culture. The way people think and behave is deeply rooted in
the company’s philosophy and principles. Basically, it is about respect for
people and continuous improvement, and this has not changed since the
foundation of the company; That’s why they remain vigilant as they hire and
hire the people who best adapt to the culture of their organization.

Make the Difference:

Only the
most qualified candidates are selected as members of the Toyota Eastern Motors
team. It helps make a big difference knowing that you can deal with a member of
the Toyota Eastern Motors team who has extensive knowledge to share, becoming
your trusted automotive consultant. All are fully trained and committed to our
philosophy of maximum customer satisfaction.

The Highest in Service Standards:

The Toyota
Eastern Motors team works together to ensure that the service provided to your
vehicle is to say the least efficient and efficient by following all the
standards and guidelines of Toyota. The team does not “play” when it
comes to its customers and encourages feedback from its customers so that they
know their strengths and their areas of development. They also have an open
door policy, so for service or sales, the management team will always be here
to resolve any issues with which they are presented.

Knowledgeable Service Technicians:

We have
already talked about our impressive range of Toyota vehicles; now let’s talk
about our Toyota service department! We have a wide range of original pieces.
Our professional staff is trained in the factory and can help you get in and
out quickly. Over the years, our staff members have seen everything when it
comes to machines, so get in touch with us and have the car repaired. We have
Toyota certified professional technicians, so do not rely on repairing your
Toyota, entrusted to Toyota Eastern Motors.


selection and performance management are the most important aspects of human resource
management in the current field. Therefore, Toyota Eastern Motors pays great
attention to these aspects. The company’s ultimate goal is to get the benefit
or superior performance. Toyota uses many advertising methods to attract
employees to its company. Newspapers, magazines and social networks are very
popular with each other. Internet recruitment is also widely used as a
recruitment method. Candidates can access the Toyota website and send their
resumes. This is a very effective and widely used method in Toyota. These
applications are carefully examined and stored in a workbench for future
requirements. Other executive research firms are playing an important role in
hiring Toyota. Above all key positions are taken through executive research
companies. Due to the vast competition of the labor market, this method is very
important for Toyota. Public employment agencies are also important for the
Toyota hiring process. With this method, the candidate can register with a
public employment agency and, when a vacancy arises, Toyota can hire employees
through these public employment agencies.

In addition,
Toyota has a policy of equal opportunities and described in the recruitment
phase no candidate will be treated unjustly by gender, age, marital status, disability,
sexual orientation, race, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, or
nationality. Toyota is one of those companies that has given due consideration
to these areas of human resources. The result is that Toyota can achieve its
greatest success in today’s business arena. Among the many success factors, the
selection of appropriate recruitment and selection processes and the use of
effective performance management systems occupy the majority of positions. 

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