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Tourism is commonly
known as a collection of services, industries and activities which happens to carry
out an experience to the travellers which comprises of  transportation, housing, eating and drinking joints,
retail shops, entertaining businesses and various other forms of warmth
services which are being  delivered to
the groups of people and individuals who are travelling away from their usual
environment. From the
perspective of the  history of tourism, there exists a term  which is the “introductory phase” referring
to all the growth and development, structures, evolutions and innovations of
the  modern tourism existing between
the first third of the 19th century and roughly around1950. It helped to pave the
way for mass tourism which would be identifiable to the new and trending
concepts of spending one’s leisure time.

The worldwide travel
and tourism industry is known to be the world’s largest and fast growing
industries which contributes vastly to the global economy. The Indian tourism
sector is a fast growing one which contributes to the economy, the world travel
and tourism council has calculated that the tourism sector has generated to
6.6%of nations GDP and 7.7% of its over-all employment.

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One of the main role of
the Government is to assure the efficient and well-functioning of the  market yields with appropriate distribution of
goods , if the people are well educated and well informed also being rational
and if firms are price takers, therefore prices reflect the costs. Regulation and execution of the
food regulations which aims to destroy unfair trade practices and competitions,
protection of public safety and health, and mainly help to prevent consumer
fraud. The regulations further extend to various agricultural activities, which
include beekeeping, soil cultivation, lumber activities and storing of
agricultural products. The objectives of this oversight are to armour the
agricultural industry and the general public from the damage of crops by pests,
the spread of harmful vegetation, and diseases. The regulations also attempts
to get rid of harmful and chemical food substances in the agricultural


The development of
tourism sector is progressively observed as an important and essential tool
which helps in promotion of economic growth, poverty alleviation and mainly
contributing to food security. Several studies have proved to show that tourism
plays a key aspect in the sustainable development . The
main and overall contribution to the economy is due to strong linkages with the
local economies and sectors.

Culinary tourism can be
defined as the quest of an exceptional and memorable drinking and eating places
with its experiences. When travelling is combined with these experiences, it
results in both the tourist type and local authentic taste of place in our plentiful
area. Culinary tourism started gaining its identity and popularity in 2001, It
is a formation of both historical and modern type of culture.

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