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This gives the readers something to relate to, as a lot of people in the
present live in a society operating within a class system. This is then
reinforced through the struggle between Arthur and Hetty where the man and the
girl do indeed feel some mutual affection but are denied their happiness
because Arthur cannot be with a girl that is not from the same class. Yet at
the same time, Hetty does not mind being married to a man she does not
love(Adam), but is from a suitable class, which shows how feelings and personal
opinions have much less of an effect compared to social structure and
level.  Another example of this, and
there are too many in the story to be all counted in this study, is how Adam is
moving through the social structure after being just a maintenance man, he
later becomes a master of the woods and everything in his life changes, even
the people he dines with at events and feasts.

   Another realistic element incorporated into
the story is the social pressure in small communities, which is evident in
Adam’s relationship with his father, who is mentioned to be a drunk man, and
how Adam is harsh with him, probably because of other peoples’ look towards the
Bedes now that their father is known for such a bad virtue.

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   Also, we see that Hetty murders her child
because she is unwilling to go back home and live with the shame her mistake
will bring; yet another thing that matches our current day society where
fathers will be ashamed of their children actions mainly because of the rest of
the community looks at them with a sense of disgust.        

   The third strength regarding realism in the
novel is implementing of piety and religion and its social acceptance level
within the story, perhaps a more subtle element, yet the biggest and most
relatable one to everyday life.

   Throughout the scenes, we see that Dinah
seems like the most pleasant lady in the story and absolutely the most loved
one, although we do not learn much about her personality and daily life except
for the fact that she dedicates all her life to helping the poor. We see how
people respect her for being such a lovely soul, she is even the only one able
to help sooth Adam’s mother from her grief over her dead husband. Also, people
seem to always attend church and preaching sessions and usually glorify people
who do call for religion, like we see towards the end how Dinah is able to see
Hetty in prison through a man who only saw her preach once. This in particular
gives the story a boost in terms of realism as it touches reality in terms of
how religion and God are treated among people.

   All of those elements mentioned above
contribute to the novel making its way through its audiences and readers
because it shows them the simplicity in life and how everything is prearranged
most of the time in terms of social structure and piety.

    Adam Bede is a good
person in his nature, moral, strong hard working man, loves his family and his
neighbors as well as he has the ability to protect anyone related to him or he
feels that is close to him, he hates evil acts and cannot understand how
someone could determine that something is wrong and then do it anyway.

    First of all we can see his acts dramatize
the soul of realism and human nature in the novel that Eliot wants to express,
for instance, Adam acts towards his mother and his brother after their father’s
death to soothe their grief and to give them a good life, in the first part we
have a scene about how he stands by his brother Seth Bede when he makes a
mistake while he is finishing a door against others who are making fun of him:

loud roar of laughter from the other three workmen made Seth look round
confusedly. Adam did not join in the laughter, but there was a slight smile on
his face as he said, in a gentler tone than before, “Why, thee ‘st forgot the panels.”
The laughter burst out afresh as Seth clapped his hands to his head, and
coloured over brow and crown. (Adam Bede10)


writer portrays in this scene a wonderful human relationship and a very
realistic one which is the relationship between brothers, and shows how the Big
Brother always defends the younger brother and stands beside him in all
situations and whatever the circumstances, and this is what Adam always does
with his brother Seth.

  Another scene that highlights how much Adam
loves his mother and will do all he can to preserve his family dignity, is when
his irresponsible alcoholic father leaves off to the next town which is known
as Treddleston, instead of working on a coffin which he makes a contract to
finish that same day. Adam turns red and goes to finish the job that his father
is supposed to finish without having his dinner:

A deep flush of
anger passed rapidly over Adam’s face. He said nothing, but threw off his
jacket and began to roll up his shirtsleeves again. “What art goin’ to do,
Adam?” said the mother, with a tone and look of alarm. “Thee wouldstna go to
work again, wi’out ha’in thy bit o’ supper?” Adam, too angry to speak, walked
into the workshop. (Adam Bede54)


of the most important components of human nature is dignity, since man will do
anything to preserve his dignity because no one can live without it. This is
what Eliot shows in this wonderful scene about how much the extent of Adam’s
anger at his father’s behavior is that may affect the dignity of his family,
and how he will complete the work especially as he feels the extent of his
mother’s love for him and her keenness on his feelings. 

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