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Today’s science has revolutionized the way humans live. Some examples include more efficient and safer power from sun, wind, and water energy; fewer illnesses and more cures and medicine; and advanced weaponry for military or personal use. Science has been around since the 2.5 MYA, roughly 2.1 to 1.5 million years ago. Also dating back to the 2.5 MYA are the scientist of the time, the homo habilis. The homo habilis’s were an ape-like creature that, over many millions of years, evolved into the human race. Although the science of the time doesn’t seem as impressive as modern day science, it’s the structure it was built around. A later era, the Elizabethan Era, also has had a major impact on today’s modern world of science, technology, and medicine. The scientists of the Elizabethan Era have had an enormous impact on astronomy and anatomy as it’s known and researched today. Astronomy is defined as the study of the universe as a whole beyond earth’s atmosphere. Nicolaus Copernicus is the father of modern astronomy (“Elizabethan Science and Technology”). Using his prior knowledge in mathematics, he calculated that the earth turns on its axis, and revolves around the sun with the other planets (“Elizabethan Science and Technology”). This discovery was announced in a book, which he received a copy of on his deathbed (“Elizabethan Science and Technology”). Although this is true, and has been proven countless times, when Copernicus discovered this scientific breakthrough, it was nothing more than a theory to others; the Copernican Theory. Medieval astronomers and universities were far too attached to the Ptolemaic system; the Ptolemaic system is a belief that the earth is the center of the universe and that the sun and planets revolve around it. Theologians, which are pseudo scientist, thought that it went against statements said in the Bible (“Elizabethan Science and Technology”).

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