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Today, teaching seems to be seen by many as a job, a career path more than a vocation. Many come into education either because they are dissatisfied with their current job, or because they see in teaching the benefits they would like to obtain. However, the idea of teaching as a vocation, as a call and not a job, a response to the invitation of God, is often forgotten. Sometimes, even people who undoubtedly desire, deep within themselves, to be of service to the students entrusted to them, can at times fail, perhaps seriously, to be true to their vocation as persons called to live out their Christian vocation to holiness in the classroom. Maybe because of the many difficulties and problems encountered. Jacob raises an essential point, the ability to put our personal agenda aside and to turn confidently to what the Lord Jesus invites us to work on, the conversion of the hearts. Teachers in the Catholic system must see teaching as a lifestyle. Catholic education is based on the care of the whole person, intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The calling of Catholic teachers is to understand the strengths and weaknesses, the possibilities and needs of their students and help them achieve this potential. And it is only by dedicating his life to Christ that the Catholic educator, is inspired by the belief that the primary condition for attaining truth is humility and the obedience of faith. I completely agree with Jacob on the fact that every Catholic leader must all the time reflect on his journey and answer to the question of what is his first priority. If the answer differs from his original call given by our Lord then it is to him to address it.As I heard once from a colleague, “We don’t teach the kids because they are Catholic, we teach them because we are Catholic.” Therefore, it is our responsibility make sure we always are in accordance with our vocation.

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