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Today demand of automobiles is more due to
population growth has result in great demand for petroleum products. With crude
oil reserves estimated to last for few decades, there have been many researcher
find alternate fuels. The depletion of crude oil could reason a primary effect
on the transportation sector. Biodiesel is a clean burning alternative biofuel,
which is produced from Sunflower, karanja, jatropha, waste cooking oil, thumba,
soybeans, animal fats, alge etc. These are domestic and renewable source. The
extracted crude oil cannot be used as a directly in diesel engine because it
has a high viscosity; due to high viscosity of pure vegetable oils it will be
responsible for high engine deposits and lubricating oil thickening. That would
reduce the fuel atomization and increase fuel spray penetration. To create a
biodiesel blend it can be blended with conventional diesel. Biodiesel is
manufacture from a chemical process which is known as transesterification.
Biofuels are mono alkyl esters of long chain fatty acid derived from renewable
biological sources. Biofules can be directly used in the compression ignition
engine without modify of existing engine. Biodiesel fuel is a clean burning
resource and it is the future of the world.


Biodiesel derived from vegetable oils, waste cooking oil
is the alternative fuel to blend with diesel. Following reason biodiesel can be
used in the engine.

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is made from vegetable, waste cooking oil, alge etc.Biodiesel
can be used without any changes in existing engine. Biodiesel
have no contained sulfur, aromatic, hydrocarbons, and particulate matter. 

Much research work has been done how to use
vegetable oil both in its pure form and blended form. Many project have been
shown that the usage of vegetable oils in pure form is possible but not
preferable with the advent of the industrial revolution, the use of energy in
the form of fossil fuels began, this occurred in stages, from the exploration
of coal deposits to the exploitation of oil and natural gas but, how long can
we depend on this declining fossil fuels to run our car engine, to light our
kitchen stove. The secondary viscosity of vegetable oils and the low
instability influences that atomization. Furthermore spread example for fuel,

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