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Today Media is a powerful sourceof information it has become a part of our everyday life. It often influence what we wear,what we watch, how we eat, what we read, what we perceive, and even how wethink and feel. Now a day’s our living processes is incomplete without media,in Pakistan people are becoming addicts of media. Media the truth is thought tobe the social reality. The general population see the world with the focalpoint of media and comprehend their social and individual life in the light ofmedia messages.

Media change their world with the intense ability, for example,motivation setting and entryway keeping media consider just that news throughwhich they get a handle on individuals consideration. It doesn’t give data inreal shape. It develops our perspectives about world around us and plans theirnews occasions appropriately. It can change the news motivation into open planwhich implies that these media individuals choose which issue to choose andwhich to be overlooked. Media spread out fear or frenzy in gathering of peopleand melodrama is the most vital device of media which they used to make strainin the public arena. Now we live in the era of dilemma, so it is theresponsibility of media to affirm and certified information rather thanoveremphasize because people are already disturbed and anxious due to incidentsof terrorism.

 At exhibit state mediaworks just to build their rating power which demonstrates that they areone-sided and they have no morals. Modern media has biasness and dependablydemonstrate one side of story. It tries to influence gathering of people totrick constantly and everything is left on pure and uneducated individuals.

Itcontrols us as manikin. Generally in television shows those visitors arewelcomed who bolster the perspective of host, larger part of writer have noresistance for feedback from the general population since they think themselvesas saints and clear from all kind of sins. Now media is deeply rooted in ourlives and it has ability to effect and shape public opinion and purify our thoughtsand action. It continuously shaping and reshaping our thoughts, opinion andattitude. 

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