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Today I read three poems called, There will come soft rains by Sara Teasdale, Meeting at night by Robert Browning, and lastly, The sound of light by Maxine Kumin. I also read a news article which talked about how too many British children found nature unnatural, which was written by Newsela. The poems and the article both had themes that involved nature, which connected the two and showed the similarities and differences between the poems and the article. Firstly, the article discussed how minority children, teenagers, and adults hardly ever visited nature due to the fact that it was portrayed as a mostly white pastime in the media, also according to the article, people also faced busy roads and gangs. In opposition to this, the three poems all describe being around or surrounded by nature, such as in the poem ‘The sound of light’, which describes a camping scenario in what I presume is a forest, the author describes the scenario so beautifully and demonstrates a peaceful and serene scene. The next poem I read is called ‘There will come soft rains’, in which the author describes a very tranquil and mellow scenario which talks about how nature would be unmoved if anything were to happen to humans during a war which is taking place during the poem, she is able to paint images in the reader’s mind and she also uses sound devices such as alliteration. The last poem I read is called ‘meeting at night’ and the author depicts a scenario that seems to imply that a couple are meeting at night on a beach and they are able to meet each other successfully, he uses figurative language and a rhyme scheme to portray this scenario. Now when comparing these poems to the article you can see the differences because in the poems, nature seems to be frequent throughout all of them and all the scenarios deal with being in nature or with nature. The article, on the other hand talks about how nature is unnatural to some because they face several challenges to be outside and enjoy nature. So, in conclusion, the three poems all contain themes dealing with nature and they all seem serene and calm, the poems also show nature in a positive light I think, now the article talks about wanting nature to be important to more people but there are always obstacles for those people so they are not able to get involved much outside in nature.

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