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To complete to this demand, Blood Connect was
launched on 1st April, 2010 (as a project under NSS IIT Delhi) with an aim of solving
the problem of blood shortage in India.

Shortage of about 3 million blood units are faced by
India, According to WHO data. Even if additional 2% of blood is donated by
young generation of India, this problem can be easily solved. For that purpose,
Blood Connect acts as a mediator between the willing donor and patient.

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This App helps to find people donating blood regularly
in nearby area. You can contact them via phone number or address.

If you need blood in emergency case, then can get
the location of the user as well if he/she has registered with the App. If your
blood group is same as the blood group that is needed on urgent bases, you will
get push notification. You can find nearby hospitals and access them.


Ø  Find
donor with your specific blood group and with your respective states and

Ø  Send
notification: This will help you know who all are having the same blood group
in your local area.

Ø  Find
nearby hospitals in maps.

Ø  Provided
helpline numbers in case of emergency.



Person has to first download the App. After
downloading the App, registration form will appear. For registration basic
information like name, address, DOB, Contact number, blood group, emergency
contact number etc. are supposed to be filled. If he/she has already
registered, then he/she has to login.

The user gets different options:

Ø  Blood

Ø  Search

Ø  Search
nearby places

Ø  Requirement
for blood

Ø  Request
for blood

Ø  Speed

Ø  Medical
first aid

Ø  Profile





Android Studio is the
official integrated development environment (IDE) for Android app development,
based on IntelliJ IDEA. Android Studio is designed specifically for Android
development. It offers flexible Gradle-based build system along with code
templates to build common app features. It offers good layout editor with
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It features a new and better
interface design view where you can see the interface you are working on and
its related components.



We have proposed an
effective android blood bank application. The system provides better
communication between Blood banks and blood donors to save someone’s life in
emergency cases. It also interconnects the blood information available only to
the local areas to improve the blood donation service quality. It takes minimum
efforts and time to complete the whole process. This App allows people to
request for blood in urgent case, find blood bank for willing blood donors,
getting information of specific donor in emergency cases and many more.


It gives us great
pleasure in presenting this project report titled “Dynamic Blood Bank” and we
wish to express our immense gratitude to the people who provided invaluable
knowledge and support in the completion of this project. We would like to thank
to our project guide Prof. Rajesh Singh for the guidance. We would also like to
thank to the Project coordinators for their support. We are deeply thankful to
the Head of the Computer Engineering Dept. Prof. Sheetal Rathi, for her approval
of this project. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the principal
Prof. Dr. B. K. Mishra and the management of Thakur College of Engineering and
Technology for providing such an ideal atmosphere to build up this project with
well-equipped library. We are extremely thankful to all staff and the
management of the college for providing us all the facilities and resources



1. P. Priya1, V.
Saranya2, S. Shabana3, Kavitha Subramani4, “The Optimization of Blood Donor
Information and Management System by Technopedia”. Department of Computer
Science and Engineering, Panimalar Engineering College, Chennai, India, Volume
3, Special Issue 1, February 2014

2. Tushar Pandit,
Satish Niloor and A.S. Shinde, “A Survey Paper on E-Blood Bank and an Idea to
use on Smartphone”. Dept. of I.T Sinhgad Academy of Engineering, Pune, India.
Year 2015.


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