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start off my tickets that I created I looked at the cab requirements to get
examples of what I needed to include. I made 2 different tickets and started
them with different themes. This gave me an idea of what else to include and
which colours went together. I made my first logo to be colourful and really
bright. I used the background as a starting point and made improvements after
that to colours and designs. It was good to have a starting point background so
that I could get inspiration and then use it to put my own twist on it and make
it john. My teacher told me to change colours and make it more visible from
longer distances. I took this advice on board and changed the size of font and
also made my colours brighter and this made it noticeable from far distances
and for people who may be visually impaired.

chose the more colourful logo for my final product because I felt it was better
quality than my original browny coloured one. Many companies tickets I’ve seen
have been bright and colourful and they have pictures that are relevant to prom
and it draws in teens which is the target audience. If I was to improve it I
would add sample info which the cab requirement said to do. My teacher said I
should make my tickets different themes to make them more diverse and unique.
This gives me more ideas because I have more themes to go from and a wider
range of colours. I also got told to make my text darker from the white colour
I originally had so I changed it to black to make it easier to see. I saved it
as a pdf so It was compatible to put it on my website i created otherwise it
wouldn’t open.  This allowed me to add it
to my website and it can be opened and viewed by customers so they can see a
preview of it.  I added a picture of a
limo to really attract the audience because it is said to be for richer people
and important people so they will get excited to be able to experience it. My
50 pound ticket is much better value for money because it contains vip
wristband and a limo spot. Also you get a 3 course meal which you don’t get for
the 20 pound ticket. I checked my tickets with the cab requirements and I think
I have achieved them so I can get a higher mark. I reviewed it many times to
make sure I did everything and that it contained what it needed to.

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