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To start off, What is McDonaldization?  “McDonaldization, is the process by which the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as of the rest of the world. (Ritzer, 1993:1) ” (Keel 2017:1). The concepts that’ll be discussed in this essay are, Efficiency and The Irrationality of rationality.     To be efficient in something is to make something work well and have the ability to grow or expand with the least amount of detriment to finances, effort or time. Rationalism is emphasized several throughout Ritzer’s books. Rationality is accepting the easiest quickest way to solve temporary problems. Things such as cellphones, microwavable food, ATM’s, Self service checkout systems ,the list goes on, can all be characterized as McDonaldization.These items come in handy in situations like, Having a long day at work. All you want to do is throw yourself on your bed and relax for a second. Just for a second. But then you realize that you still have to make dinner so instead of preparing a full meal, a pizza is ordered or microwavable dinners are put out onto the table. Lose of a proper meal with a family is gone. The amount of home cooked meals had gone down significantly. After a while, the use of quick , easy to accumulate, items become a” normal” thing in the society. Is this process efficient? Yes, because it helps the people get what they need in less effort and less valuable time.    In America today, millions of people take these ” Efficient devices”  to their advantage, to the point that today,spanning from the 1960’s to 2011, the percentage of obesity has gone up severely. In children alone ” obesity prevalence from the 1960s show a rapid increase in the 1980s and 1990s, when obesity prevalence among children and teens tripled, from nearly 5% to approximately 15% ” (CDC 2011:1). These so called ” efficient devices” are proving to be more destructive than productive, at this current  point in time. However,  the vast amount of medical necessities  that are being increasingly required.The time frame of just 2001-2011 studies were done on how much money was being made due to obesity. ” One study estimated that approximately 9% of all medical costs in 2008 were obesity-related and amounted to $147 billion, compared with $78.5 billion 10 years before” ( CDC 2011:1). Studies like these prove how McDonaldization and an undercover, legal,  version of Big Businesses ,  dating back to the Gilded age (1865), are using efficient things to make more profit. The easiest way to gain a fortune is to rob another man of his. Going back to rationalism, we could argue all day weather McDonaldization is more beneficial than detrimental, but,  we can’t always use reasoning to determine every action or thought that is made. To succeed in Rationalism, you must be able to incorporate Irrationalism. To make a convincing argument, both sides must be played. Almost everything in America, right now, was made to be efficient using rationality. Though, these efficiencies have started to become problems. Going through the drive through at Starbucks, Waiting in line to order food at a fast food restaurant, Waiting for an IPhone to update, etc. are all examples of how there are flaws in this McDonaldization society. In case there is any confusion, McDonaldization is not simply about spread of the food industry; nor is it a process that can specifically blamed on McDonalds alone, since other restaurants use practices that were created long before the McDonald brothers even started their first restaurant, such as scientific management,Fordism, and, Bureaucracy (Bryman 1999:1-2).     Fear of uncertainty is a key factor to the rationalistic, efficient, McDonaldization. Personally, as do many others, America can be seen as an rationalistic society. The fact is that people want things to be easy,after seeing how having things to easy is affecting others in the nation, Some citizens decided to make a change in their life and their family’s life. Things in a grocery store, such as, Processed meats, processed dairy products and even processed fruit are efficiencies that are irrational.  Businesses, in the food industry, make their money while the citizens in the nation are having higher and higher risks of seriously fatal diseases. Which in return gives doctors the money while the people are sick. Once given drugs that are made to ” heal ” them,  are,  in return,  giving their patients a forced addiction so they will have to come back to spend more money. Hey look, Point doctor and point food industry. How is the government making any money out of all of this? Post Offices are run by the government, as are Banks. You see, the bank,every month, puts all previously purchased items into a letter, which is sent to your house by the Post Office.     An example of how Mcdonaldism, efficientism, rationality and irrationality would go a little something like this: While a person , called Jim, gets food from a carnival, he are paying into the food industry. Jim is already overweight and is suffering from digestive issues. Jim is just spending and eating, spending and eating. He starts to feel sharp pains in his stomach. He tries to wait it out but he couldn’t take the pain anymore he frantically tells his friends to call an ambulance. The ambulance took him to the hospital where he had several minor operations that didn’t involve more than having a tiny camera put into his stomach and them being taken out. A month later Jim is okay and completely healed. He checks the mail box, inside was a letter from the hospital. He opened it up only to find a extremely high medical bill that would keep him in debt for several years.Mcdonaldism- He ate several different foods from a single area, the carnival.  Efficientism – The ready to eat food and a cellphone to call the ambulance. Rationalism- Jim’s knowledge to call the ambulance. Irrationality- Jim got very sick from the food. His health problems that were already there before, worsened. He had to go to the hospital and have small procedures done, and finally, going into debt.         Whatever a group of people define as an end, and everything they so define, is to be pursued by attempting to find the best ways to achieve that end (Ritzer 1983). For instance, My end to this paper was supposed to be roughly 4 pages long. That end was not reached. Efforts to that end were reached but the end itself, never ended. This paper ,however , has.     Ritzer, George. 2004. “The “McDonaldization” of Society.” The Journal of American Culture. Retrieved January 25, 2018 (, Alan. 1999. “The Disneyization of society.” Sage Journal 47:25-47 . Retrieved January 25, 2018 (The Disneyization of society).Learning, Lumen. n.d. “Reading: The McDonaldization of Society.” Reading: The McDonaldization of Society | Sociology. Retrieved January 25, 2018 (, George. 1983. “The Mcdonaldization in society.” Journal of American Culture 6:371–79. Retrieved January 25, 2018 ( 2011. “CDC Grand Rounds: Childhood Obesity in the United States.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved January 25, 2018 (, Robert. 2017. “The Mcdonaldization of Society.” The McDonaldization of Society. Retrieved January 26, 2018 (

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