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To begin, discussing the causes behind PTSD among first responders is important in understanding how people can be negligent about mental health, especially from thoses in professions with a higher risk of developing mental illnesses. This topic has many underlying causes, but will be narrowed down to only the leading factors of PTSD among first responders.Firstly, the culture of first responders can have a strong influence on them seeking help. This has a great factor because of the stigma PTSD has with first responders and with it being a part of the job. This connects to culture because of first responders finding it difficult to seek help due to societal expectations and realizations of people in these professions as heroes who are always strong and tough, both mentally and physically. This makes many of them view mental health concerns as a sign of weakness, and this belief can be harmful to all individuals but especially to those expected by society to show no weakness, since it may lead them to deny the presence of any issue and avoid seeking any help at all. Secondly, the lack of awareness of PTSD among first responder services makes it difficult for the services to make any change. This issue is being ignored, largely due to the stigma, as well first responders not seeking help. This causes no awareness for the disorder among the first responder community because of the majority of people not reaching out for help, causing limited support for the individuals and furthering the likelihood of developing PTSD. The last major cause is due to the lack of support first responders are given as they have insufficient resources for assistance. Global News published an article stating that “training in recognizing mental health issues is bare bones, and the resources aren’t sufficient” additionally the “Toronto Emergency Medical Services – the largest EMS service in the country – is the only service that provides its frontline workers with a dedicated staff psychologist”(Chai, 2014). This shows how first responders have limited resources they can use when confronted with mental problems and that most services across Canada are negligent to the risks that are associated with the job, making it difficult for first responders to cope with. Thus, there are many factors that can contribute to PTSD among first responders , the culture of first responders, the lack of awareness and lack of support are all root causes that influence each other as well how these causes are both societal and individual issues.

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