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to succeed with people remarkably easyways to engage influence and motivatealmost anyone can you motivate plants togrow no I mean you don’t feed themcarrots or beat them with a stick orwalk around them giving a motivationalpep talk do you what do you do youprovide the right environment you giveit the right care you put it in theright place in order that the plant canflourish but the thing about plants isthis you make a major mistake if youtreat them all the same way that’s nothow they flourish you see some plantsdon’t like much water or much sunlightsome want plenty of water and plenty ofsunlight so how do you know how best totreat your plants well you read thelabel you see this is something you geton most plants it gives you careinstructions the thing is I think peopleare a bit like plants but what we needto appreciate is sadly when we meetsomeone for the first time they don’t gohi I’m Frank hi I’m Tracy here’s my careinstructions read this now how to getthe best out of me so if we are going tomotivate people we need to avoid thefollowing don’t treat people as we wantto be treated because what might be thebest way for me to grow and flourishmight not actually be the best way forother people so what’s the number onething you can do in order to motivatesomeone else it’s simply this askquestions you see we haven’t got thatcard with the instructions on how to getthe best results out of that person soask questions simple straightforwardquestions here’s the first one whatbrings you most satisfaction from workjust get people to talk generally getthem to think about itstarts to give you some clues andinsights about them as people questionnumber two you’ll love this one issimply this describe a time when youfelt particularly motivated at workactually get them to relive theexperience you see what motivates themwhat engages them may be quite differentto what motivate and engages you you maybe surprised with what they tell you solet’s take the mystery out of motivationso I’ve adopted this approach and thosekind of questions with my staff itfascinates me what motivates them my PAloves detail he loves all the admin sideof things I hate ithe loves putting my itinerary togetherwhen I’m going and working away abroad Ithink that’s boring he loves it I knowyou’ll find this hard to believe I cancope with a bit of recognition I cancope being the center of attention careof my PA would hate it so here’s a thirdquestion what needs to happen for you tofeel valued and appreciated thatquestion is always then saying to youlook you want to get the best out of methis is what you’ve got to do give methis much sunshine give me this muchwater and put me in this part of a houseor in this part the garden to get thebest out of me so here’s the realitytreat people as they want to be treatedstop your guessing stop your assumingand start asking questions then when youdo just like those plants you’re goingto see your people thrive and flourish Iwish you loads of success

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