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To satisfy my hunger for fashion, I tried reading each and every bit of information I could lay my hands on. My favourite book of all times is ‘Culture to Catwalk: How World Cultures Influence Fashion’ by Kristin Knox which describes street styles, traditional clothing and their impact on globalisation, consumerism and fast fashion. Another book which I liked “Costumes and Textiles of Royal India”, is a narration of the history of India’s royal textile arts from the days of Mohenjo Daro. Movies like “cocco before chanel”(2009) which depicts the story of the pursuit of a young lady, her experiments with fashion and Cocco’s emergence as a high fashion brand Chanel are inspiring. Last year, I loved Simone Rocha Spring ’17  collection which took inspiration from a National Gallery of Ireland exhibition that juxtaposed Jackie Nickerson’s photographs of African agricultural workers with 18th-century Old Master paintings. These days I am researching for “East meets West” theme a lot.

If we observe, inspiration is all around us, we just have to tap into the possibilities of realising it. My recent project , a ‘paper cut’ depicting the contrast between the natural process of menstruation and stigma attached to it ,is close to my heart. I have a peculiar interest in prints, dying embroideries and want the western world to see India in a way they have never seen before. It is my cherished desire to present the world with design heritage, the depth of the craft,  and a reservoir of delicate skills of my own country.

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I have completed my Senior Secondary education in May 2017 with 80% aggregate. Thereafter, I started hunting for prestigious universities around the world for pursuing higher education. Since I have been an ardent follower of some renowned fashion designers, I know that in order to survive in this competitive industry, one needs to have formal education as well.

I wanted to receive guidance from the top experts in the industry, hence, I decided to apply in Parsons Paris. The institution is ranked amongst the best fashion institutions on a global level. The college boasts of its experienced faculty and world-class facilities. The students get various opportunities for participating in workshops, open discussions, seminars etc. 

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