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To be the best you’ve got to
learn from the best. I have often pondered over this quote which had encouraged
me to aim for the top. Since the world is driven by technology, I have always
been engrossed by its global reach and applications. My exposure to the evolution
of electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, GPS and other broadband
internet services has intrigued me to the core and led me to explore and
discover technological innovation. Clearly,
I could understand that only a graduate education can offer me a great deal of
intellectual and personal contentment and logical extension of my career. After
analyzing my ultimate professional aspiration
I have decided to pursue a master’s degree in telecommunication field.

Even from my school days, I have
always adopted an austere approach to attain a profound comprehension of the
subject. This focus and dedication coupled with diligence earned me 93% in my
higher secondary education and paved the way for my undergraduate program in
the field of Electronics and Communication at Karunya Institute of Technology and
Sciences. The undergraduate program helped me to build a solid foundation of the
core fundamentals. Furthermore, the
curriculum exposed me to a wide gamut of courses in Communication Systems,
Signal Processing, and Computer

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During my third year of undergraduate
education, I developed a keen interest in areas of the communication system and wireless networks. Therefore to obtain a practical
elucidation, I attended an in-plant training at Airports Authority of India,
Chennai Airport where I got familiarized with the Communication, Navigation and
Surveillance facilities and their role in Air Navigation Services. Additionally, I underwent an advanced training
in “Wireless Networks” at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) which is an
Indian telecommunications company where I have learned advanced concepts of
telecommunication. Furthermore, I
completed an internship in “Hardware and Networking” at HCL Technologies and
have also participated in Embedded System workshops. The relevant training and
the coursework have further motivated me
to learn and research in these areas.

In my academic mini project “Wireless
Power Transmission”, I have designed a device that transfers power wirelessly
within a small range without using conventional copper cables based on
electrodynamic induction. It drew attention as an innovative mini-project in
Mindkraft which is a national level techno-management fest. My final year
project titled “Smart Home Energy Management System” uses HEMS architecture to
monitor the energy consumption of home appliances. I have designed the circuit
and utilized ZigBee to transmit the data wirelessly from the electronic appliances.
The energy usage and cost was displayed on
a PC and this system helped the users to minimize the electricity bill. Moreover, I had an opportunity to showcase my
technical knowledge by presenting a paper titled “4G Wireless Technology” at
Mindkraft ’15.

To convert my theoretical
learning into a pragmatic experience I have worked as a software engineer in
Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd, Chennai. As a network engineer, I have established the networking environment by the development
and configuration of virtual machines on the server and cloud. I have also
fixed issues relating to the network performance. This relevant work experience enabled me to strengthen my core comprehension
in these areas. Additionally, it has
given me an opportunity to collaborate and interact with different kinds of people
and has contributed towards my personal

Apart from academics I have organized various technical events during my college
symposium and was a student volunteer of the National Service Scheme. I was also
designated as the event coordinator and have conducted several corporate team
events in my organization. My energetic participation fostered my intellectual competence
to boost my communication, teamwork and leadership proficiency. Altogether my overall
experience has exhibited me that constant learning is indispensable to further
enrich my knowledge.

Due to its rapid technical advances, the USA
has emerged as the leader in Science and Technology and thereby delivering the
best technological infrastructure. Hence it is the ideal place to attain my
goal since it has the state of the art technologies in the area of
telecommunication. Moreover, graduate study in the United States would give me
frontline exposure to the technological advances made in this field and allows
me to contribute to its immense evolution.

Your esteemed institution is among
the premier universities in the United States due to the high standard of
education. The Interdisciplinary Telecom Program on Wireless Networking offered
by the University of Colorado Boulder has various research programs and modern
labs which have enthralled me. More importantly, the research done by Ken Baker on
wireless and cellular networks has captured my attention and I expect to learn
much from him. The extensive curriculum and the infrastructure offered in your university
will help me to achieve my aspirations by doing significant research in this
field. In fact, I firmly believe that the
graduate study at your university and the wholesome education I receive will
enhance my career to expand my skills and interests.

I am confident that I possess the ability, talent, and enthusiasm to pursue a graduate degree in the field of
telecommunication. With a profound academic background, my objective is to
acquire an in-depth knowledge in the field of Wireless Networks where I can
develop and design innovative products with high efficiency which will prove
beneficial for the society. I assure you that my zeal and perseverance would
allow me to make a remarkable contribution to your university. I look forward
to being a part of your graduate program.

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