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Statement of purpose

Before starting I would like
to introduce myself, my name is Mrs. Manpreet
Kaur Mann belonging to VPO- Himmatpura, Tehsil- Nihal Singh Wala, Moga,
state Punjab, India. Here, I am writing statement of purpose regarding my further
studies in Australia.  About my family,
My respected father S. Bhupinder Singh is an agriculturist, my mother Mrs.
Parmjeet Kaur is a homemaker. I got married to Mr. Satwant Singh in December
2016 who is working in a private sector. He is very enthusiastic to future
goals and as being a supportive husband he encouraged me to study further in abroad
and  my in-laws family is feeling proud
and sponsoring me for my studies and my husband will accompany me while going
to abroad and will come back after ensuring my comfortable stay in Australia.

As far as my educational qualifications are
concerned, I have completed my 10th in year 2013 and 12th
(humanities) in year 2015 from Dashmesh girls senior secondary public school,
Badal with 76% and 82% marks
respectively. Apart from this, I have also given IELTS exam and scored overall
5.5 band (Writing-6.0, Speaking-6.0).

After completing my 10th
and 12th with flying colors, I always wanted to pursue my studies
and was motivated to achieve the same but fortunately, meanwhile, my family
found perfect match for me and started preparing for my marriage. Myself and
family got engaged in before marriage ceremonies and traditions which took
almost an year and finally my marriage took place in December 2016. Then after
2-3 months of my marriage I planned for my overseas studies and for that I
prepared for IELTS for two months and scored 5.5 bands in it. Now, when I am well
settled in my married life and fulfilling all the academic as well as English
proficiency requirement of the institute and country, with the blessing of my
in-laws and husband , I want to pursue higher studies in abroad for which I
have applied in Central Melbourne
Institute of Australia for Fitness course.

A strong mind resides in a
healthy body. This statement had never been more significant. The fast pace of
modern lifestyle has led to an unimaginable amount of physical and
psychological stress on human body and mind. Consequently, demand of trained
fitness instructors has also increased manifold. So, India is a country where people
are more prone to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and many more. The Indian fitness industry is going through a
revolution. If you look around, you will find that weight loss advertisements
are everywhere. This is one of the reasons why health clubs and gym memberships
are increasing. Spending on gym was earlier seen as a luxury, but now it is a
way of life. Today’s generation wants to look and feel good at any cost and
this is further fueling the overall growth of the fitness resources and
services. This increasing trend inclined me towards Certificate III in fitness course from CMI, Australia. The duration
of this course is 52 weeks.

III in fitness course reflects
the role of instructors who perform a range of activities and functions within
the fitness industry. Depending on the specialization chosen, this
qualification provides a pathway to work as an instructor providing exercise
instruction for group, aqua or gym programs. It will also have the skills to
rescue a client in distress, and an appropriate level of pool deck fitness and
endurance. Main course covering area will be-  Instruct
fitness programs, physiology principles into fitness programming, Provide
healthy eating information, Maintain equipment for activities, Work effectively
in sport, fitness and recreation environments, Identify risk and apply risk
management processes, Provide first aid, Conduct fitness appraisals etc.

future plans regarding this course are as clear as mirror. After completing my
course in Australia, I will return to my country and will be able to open my
own fitness center. I will also have an opportunity to perform range of
activities and functions in fitness industry.

Though fitness career is in
great demand in my country but unfortunately it is not well established in
studies yet. There are very few colleges and universities which provide fitness
courses. Even I have found that not only overseas programs are more
prestigious, also the basic approach and methodology of teaching is massively
different in the education system in abroad and India. In India, more focus is
on theoretical knowledge and certificates but on the other hand in abroad it’s
all about implementation. These were the reasons of why I chose Australia over

Australia is
an increasingly popular study destination with international students from
across the globe. For many students, Australia may represent a better study
destination than other popular alternatives like the UK and the US. Apart
from being a great place to get a first-rate education. It provides a welcoming
and multicultural society with a population that originates from around 200
countries. Australian people have a reputation for being amongst the
friendliest in the world, and Australian cities are safe and clean, with low
crime rates. A great lifestyle and quality of living in Australia is among the
best in the world. Australian education programs represent great value for
money. Australian courses are often shorter than alternatives in other
countries, particularly in the US. Australia’s strong economy and low
unemployment rate.

CMI, seems to me to be the
most perfectly suited to my dream. I have found that here I could come up with
innovative and original ideas for solutions to various problems faced during my
career. I am a hard-working and determined person, and I am ready for a new
leap in my career. I will work hard in hope that the quantity of the effort I
put in will result in high quality knowledge. The fact is that the best
possible supervisors and a highly competitive atmosphere are necessary for this
quality. The only reasonable decision for me was to aim for such a place. All
this gives me the motivation to apply to CMI.




So, In the end its my humble
request to you to please reconsider my application in positive light and give
me a chance for study in this land of opportunities.

the wait of positive response from your kind office.


– Manpreet Kaur Mann

– 12th May, 1997

No.- P9264578




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