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To ensure that this service is not a headache, keep in mind Metlife’s recommendations for World Health Day.  1.         Get involved with an insurance agent: insurance is a sophisticated tool that also involves a contract. Therefore, the role of the agent as a consultant is essential. Check that your advisor has a valid certificate from the National Insurance and Bonding Commission (CNSF).2.         Compare services and prices: many times the decision for insurance is based on the amount. However, the idea is to make an in-depth assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of each option to consider, to make informed decisions.3.         Evaluate the necessary coverage for your family: factors such as the premium, the sum insured, the hospital level and the coverage are the basis of your policy. Choosing the option that best suits the needs of your family is essential, as this guarantees that you will get the most benefits when one of your loved ones has to use insurance.4.         Consider the additional coverage and other services: these elements can make a big difference when it comes to rating the added value of your insurance. Services such as dental coverage, for example, can be decisive factors that you may want to hire according to the age of your children and the level of use you give to options like this.5.         Value the experience: it is not only about considering the publicity that you have seen of the company and its products but also taking into account the years you have working in the country and above all, that it is a company legally established in Mexico. In the CNSF you can consult the list of businesses that meet all the requirements to offer services in the country.6.         Verify that the insurer guarantees life renewal: this point is essential since there are insurances that only assure you up to a certain age without the possibility of renewing it, but there are others where you are assured for life regardless of your health or your age, as long as your policy is paid.7.         Thoroughly review the pre-existence clause for seniority: when there is a disease that has not been declared due to ignorance of its pre-existence, some insurers refuse to pay for any service related to the condition. However, make sure that the company you choose covers the pre-existing situation as long as there has not been any manifestation of a symptom related to the disease over an extended period.8.         Ask about the waiting times and the conditions that require it: the ideal is that waiting times to attend to specific ailments are the least. In this way, in less than what you imagine you can enjoy all the benefits of your policy   Consider the tax benefits: some products offer components such as discount or deduction for the payment of taxes. Check with your advisor if the products you are interested in have this modality.10.       Keep healthy habits: that you and your family have an enviable state of health, not only can help you reduce the risk of an illness, but can also be a critical factor that influences the price of your policy, mainly in the coverage for adults.About us:To take care of health, in addition to following a personal regime it is advisable to invest part of the annual income in a Major Medical Insurance (SGMM), but remember that this instrument should cover the needs of protection and not affect the budget of your family

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