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Title: Top Reasons to go for android development for ultimate appsSmartphones have made extensive inroads into our lives. From shopping to reading daily news and entertainment, these devices have grown a personalized source of knowledge and entertainment for maximum users. With regular features and spec upgrades, today’s smartphones offer you advanced computing features and would match any desktop or laptop in terms of their utility. If you are thinking to capitalize on the massive popularity of the smartphone by apps, Android should top your list. In this concise write-up, we take a glance at the 8 important advantages of Android app development for your business.1. Low Investment & High ROIDeveloping apps for Android is affordable than on other platforms. The company gives its software development kit (SDK) for free which reduces it’s licensing and development costs. The main expenses will be divided into the app testing and deploying. That implies you don’t have to do a huge investment on that part which suggests having higher ROI and your project will be more successful.2. Android’s Market ShareAccording to the latest figures, Android has more than 83% of the market share in the smartphone market. More than one billion devices are powered by the operating system. The huge market creates many opportunities for businesses.So yes, the foremost benefit is that you can build apps for nearly 2 billion monthly active users.3. Open SourceAndroid being open source and free has a relatively low entry limit and this enables small businesses and start-ups to develop apps easily. This also assures that businesses can price their apps more competitively.4. Integration with Social MediaIt is simple to integrate Android apps with familiar social networks. For example, Android has the benefit of being part of the common used e-mailing platform on the globe, Gmail.Android app developers provide the best User Experiences for easy sign-in access with the app functionality.Most Android apps give you the choice of signing-in straight with your Facebook, Google or Twitter account.5. Easy Adoption for Developers:Software developers, usually learn to develop in Java, and it is easier for them to conform to that programming language for mobile app development. Android is developed frequently in Java, so its adaptation becomes firmer and easier.Android also has provision for other programming languages and tools like Kotlin, providing Android app developers more opportunities and ways to develop their projects.6. Multi-Network DistributionApart from Google Play the official app marketplace, Android apps are also spread through various third-party marketplaces. This enables you to reach out to a larger section of the public and enhance your market penetration.7. Quick CustomizationAndroid offers adaptability with easy customization choices, thus allowing developers to design apps with numerous functionalities. Whether it is complicated technical customization or web app integration, Android gives enough space for performing customizations. The platform is created to support the diverse requirements of the business. It allows flexibility to integrate communication tools, data management functions, and multimedia tools with easy updates.8. Graphical DesignWe can entice clients by developing some graphic designs of high quality. Android has unique support for both 2D, & 3D graphics. This performs the crucial role in the success of any mobile applications.Desire to build an Android app for your Business?Rudra Innovative Software is a leading Android App Development Companies in India. We are also an emerging best iPhone app development company in India.If you want to develop best Android application for any industry, feel free to visit or contact us at or [email protected] 

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