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Time isthe progress of events, and also the way in which this progress of events ismeasured (using hours, days, years and so on). Time can also mean the point intime to which a person is referring. For example, in the question “what’s thetime?” the speaker is asking about a specific point in time – a specific momentin the ongoing progress of events. Time is aword with a Germanic origin. The old English and Germanic words ‘tide’ and’tima’ both mean time.

However, they also mean tide (as in the tides of thesea). There is something significant about this definition. Itencapsulates how, just as the tides of the sea continue moving in a way that isobservable and measurable, so to do events continue progressing in a way thatis observable and measurable. So, in sum, time refers to: 1. Theprogression of events; 2.

The way ofmeasuring the progression of events using seconds, minutes, hours, years, etc.;3. Specific moments in time, (such as three o’clock or March 3rd ); 4.Metaphorically, via etymologically cognate words, the tide like motion of historyand life; 5. A specific space of time (for example, a lifetime or the timeallowed for an exam). Time once past cannot be brought back by any means and itis crucial to understand the value of time. Time is money.

  Theregoes a proverb, “Time and tidewait for none”. Time is invaluable. In-fact, time is way morevaluable than money. Time is very valuable partly for the reason that weare all only allotted a certain amount of time in our lives, and so we need tomake sure that we use it wisely. Nothing can stop the flow of time.

Timeonce past cannot be brought back by any means.                                                                                     However,some people do not realize the value of time and spend it unwisely.Instead of focusing on important tasks at hand, they waste their time, thinkingthat they would make up the loss in the future. They should realize thatmany of the future troubles can be avoided by taking prompt action in a timelymanner.

The famous saying, “a stitch intime saves nine”, also highlights the importanceof sorting out problem at early stage.                                                                    Time-management is important for success. Time-management alwaysremains the critical success factor. If anybody wastes his childhood, hewill not be able to acquire and build up character in future and will sufferall consequences. Similarly, if a student neglects his studies from day-to-day,no amount of hard labor before the examination will get him through.

Time-management is a good habit and lays the foundation of a success in future.                                     A personwho understands the importance of time practices time management and punctuality inlife. A punctual person, who uses his time cautiously, is more likely to becomesuccessful in all aspects of life. If we look around we will see that successfulpeople in all spheres of life made proper use of every moment of theirtime.

The most prosperous nations too are those that do not waste any moment.                                                                                              Aperson who is not punctual finds it difficult to finish his own duties. Ifhe is not able to perform his duties, then it may incurs the displeasure ofothers. In the military field delay by a few minutes may change the destiny ofa nation.                                                                             Beingon time, and being aware of what time it is, ensures that we will not turn uplate for our appointments. This is very important if we want to treat otherpeople with politeness and respect.

Their time is valuable, just like ours is,and we should not cause them to waste it.              Itis true that nobody can accurately forecast the future. There are many thingsthat are beyond the control of human-beings. The economy and financialsituation of countries are fast changing. Though the future is unseen, man canwork hard today to increase the probability of a better future.

People should use their time properly.  We should try our bestto avoid the habit of indolence and begin to do our jobs in time. It willsurely brighten our future.                         Theweather condition always remains uncertain. There remains the risk of naturalcalamities.

To tackle the situation of natural calamities, the government andother organizations are coming up with “Disaster Management and RecoveryPlans”. During the times of emergency, the disaster recovery teams are expectedto act fast without wasting a single minute.                  The”money value of time” means how much money we can make in a giventime. Alternatively, it can mean the subjective monetary value that we placeon our time. These two things may not be equivalent. The money value oftime can be set by an employer.

 Or, it can be set by another individual. Thereis a common aphorism used to express this idea. It is: time is money.                                                                                                                                           Why does time have a monetary value? Thereare several reasons why time has monetary value, they consist of: 1. We wouldoften exchange money to get more time; 2.

We often exchange our time for money(e.g. when we are at work); 3.

The more efficiently we work, the more money wecan make; 4. Interest on our savings will only accrue over time; 5. On thestock market, shares can rise or fall in value in very short spaces of time; 6.Many jobs are paid per hour or per year, thus assigning a clear monetary valueto time; 7.

When we buy a watch or another timepiece, we may be said to beplacing a monetary value on the ability to tell the time.                                                                                                                                                             Aperson who understands the importance of time work in an efficient manner. Themore efficiently we act, the more time we will have left over for futureprojects. If we look all around important events of history, we will seethat all successful people of history made the best use of time. The prosperouspeople of the world are very conscious about the value of time. Hence, weshould never waste our time and try to make the best use of it.                                                            Now that we discussed time and punctuality, howdo we become punctual? Everybody can be more punctual if they follow threesimple tips. Being punctual is very important as it ensures that we do not holdother people up for social or business arrangements.

Punctuality is also abasic form of politeness.                                                                                          Firstly, keepan accurate diary or calendar so that you know exactly what your schedule is atall times. Be very careful not to overbook yourself otherwise you will end updisappointing at least one of the people you are supposed to meet. Secondly, ensurethat you leave yourself time to get to all of your engagements and to get readyfor them. That means factoring time into your schedule for getting up, gettingdressed and transporting yourself to wherever you need to be. Thirdly and finally, punctualityrequires a certain mindset. You need to cultivate a commitment to yourappointments and a sense of obligation to others.

You don’t like to be keptwaiting, do you, so why should they?                                                                                                               Ireiterate, punctuality is the most importantcharacteristic of all successful people. A punctual person is able to completeall his task on time. The student, the teacher, the politician, theofficial, the trader and even the layman all have to observe punctuality inorder to win glory and success in life. Punctuality is the key of success. The person who is more punctual will be more successful in life.Punctuality is a habit that makes a person to work on time. Punctuality is essential for every ageof peoples either theyare a child, adult or old. The individual whois punctual in his or her childhood will be successful in their adulthood life because all the positive habits will beinstalled in their brain from their childhood.

The person who are doneevery work on time, all the peoples like him due to his habit.There are so many advantage of punctuality.The punctual peoples arevery healthy because they eat food on time.

Their future is bright and successfulin his carrier. They have a high scale job and good salary. And we know that the careless and unpunctual man always lost the big opportunities and success due to late comingthat makes his future very bad and we know that the careless and unpunctualman always lost the big opportunities and success due to late coming that makeshis future very bad just like a hell. If we want to get success we should changehis habit and be punctual. Just like a hell.If we want to get success we should change his habit and be punctual. Being punctual strengthens and reveals yourintegrity.

 If you tell someone that you will meet them at a certaintime, you have essentially made them a promise. And if you say you’ll be thereat 8:00, and yet arrive at 8:15, you have essentially broken that promise.Being on time shows others that you are a man of your word. Being punctual shows you are dependable.

 Aman can always be found at his post, carrying out the duties needful for thattime. People know they can rely on such a man – if he says he will be there,he’ll be there. But if a man is not punctual, others cannot depend on him —they do not know where he will be when they need him. His associates will beginto feel he cannot organize his own time, and these doubts will seep intomatters beyond the clock, as it naturally raises the question: “If he iscareless about time, what else is he careless about? Being punctual buildsyour self-confidence. Showing up on time not only tells other people you aredependable, it teaches you that you can depend on yourself. The more you keepthe promises you make, the more your self-confidence will grow. And the moreyou gain in self-mastery, the less you will be at the mercy of your compulsionsand habits, and the more in control of your life you will feel.

Being punctualassures you’re at your best. After riding someone’s bumper, speeding like amaniac, scanning for cops, and cursing at red lights, it’s hard to then turnyour focus to making a presentation at a meeting or charming a date – you’reshaky and depleted from the adrenaline and stress. But when you show up ontime, better yet a little early, you have a few minutes to collect yourthoughts, review your materials, and get your game face on. Being punctualbuilds and reveals your discipline. The punctual man shows that he can organizehis time, that he pays attention to details, and that he can put aside this todo that – he can set aside a pleasure to take care of business.                                                                                                                           To summarize, Punctuality plays a great role inpeople’s life by giving them their way to destination.

All the parents andteachers should understand their responsibilities and help their children andstudents in developing punctuality in their growing age. Punctual andsuccessful people become the role models and worthy personalities of theirsociety and country. People, who destroy their time can never do things whatthey want and become failure.

So, everyone must be punctual in this competitiveworld to survive happily.

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