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Tiffany Tang, also known as Tan Yan is a chinese actress born on December 6, 1983,Shanghai, China. She graduated from Central Academy of Drama in 2006. Famous for acting in many televisions,movies and films.Later on, she was awarded the Best Actress Award in 2007 ,on Shanghai television.At the age of 29,Tiffiany left Orange Sky Entertainment and created her own studio. Tiffany’s popularity increased when she acted in the television series of My Daughter in 2011.In 2012 Tiffany acted in another television series becoming the 9th drama in Hunan television broadcast history.There are many other television series that Tiffany acted,gaining a lot of views from many people.She  won many awards,and becoming more and more famous. As Tiffany’s popularity is growing higher and higher, many of Tiffany’s fans are worried about her.They posted comments about Luo Jin and Tiffany saying that they are  the perfect couple.At first Tiffany didn’t like the comments,but  she  gradually accepted it.Luo Jin has been Tiffany’s partner for many television series. A shocking fact to her fans was that they know each other when  they were  young. Other  than acting Tiffany can also sing.  She sang in some of the televisions she acted in, and  films.She also participated  in the many chinese entertainment such as Happy Camp,Running Man, and others. Tiffany’s was also on magazine from 2016 to 2017. She likes participating in many physical activities. Even though her age today is a little old ,but she’s still one of my favorite actress. Tiffany which is also Tang Yan is a very generous person. After she graduated she already started her own studio. She is a good actress winning many acting awards for the effort and time she put in learning acting skills. When she was around 20-30 years old, she participated in chinese entertainments. Not only that she was still on magazines today. We should appreciate her and all the other actresses and actors for their hard work.

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