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Throughout history, the world has come together many times to fight for peace and end wars. In the late 1930’s the entire world experienced a new issue arise, it was the “war to end all wars”(world war 2) and with it the Holocaust; One of the biggest tragedies that transpired during world war 2. As a result of WWII, the world committed to peace with the creation of the U.N. Over the course of human existence, there have been countless wars and many conflicts, from World War II to the current conflicts with isis and possibly future events with North Korea, the world has tried to learn from our past for the betterment of our future. The un is the world’s empathetic and unified response to WWII aiming at never having an atrocity like it occur again.As stated before, the world has taken steps to protect ourselves from horrible events with the goal of bettering the future for everyone and helping the world learn from our mistakes. WWII is a prime example of how people have journeyed to defend and aid those throughout the world who are suffering. The world was greatly impacted by the second world war and the events that took place throughout that time. During WWII there was the Holocaust, the genocide of Jews, causing the deaths for 6 million Jewish people not including the polish civilians and soldiers that ventured to fight for those being persecuted, overall totaling approximately 50-80 million lives lost. Resulting from these horrible atrocities, the United Nations was created to prevent the world from having another conflict like WWII again.Within the horrible disasters that happened in WWII and the horrific genocides, the Concentration camps, built to take the lives of innocent people stood and some still stand as a monument of all the harsh events that transpired during WWII. The most well-known concentration camp is Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp, which I personally have visited. Seeing first hand the conditions so many people had to go through and witnessing the sign above the entrance to the camp stating “Arbeit Macht Frei” meaning “by work you will be set free” changed my views on the conditions we live in today… Especially how since WWII, the world has changed tremendously for the better as a result of many things, in my opinion, the most notable, the U.N  (United Nations).With the end of WWII, the United Nations was created with a goal of “maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights”. With the creation of the U.N came redistribution of power in the world and a push away from the totalitarian mindset. In a unified act of empathy, countries, and nations saw the effects that WWII had in the countries and innocent lives involved. As a result, the U.N was founded along with its goal of international peace.WWII was a learning moment for the world because it was a direct result of little action done during WWI and through mistakes and justice with “the war to end all wars” the United Nations began to promote world peace, combat world hunger, promote non violence (in terms of the disarmament of nuclear weapons) and the task of spreading democracy.It is evident that in the past the world realized that there needed to be a unified effort to create peace in the world. But what is currently happening with world peace?Currently, the world has dealt with terrorism and mass shootings on the news for a while, It seems that we are living in a very dangerous time but studies say that Europe is at its safest since the 1970’s and that the world is the safest it’s ever been. As an extension of the United Nations, the Counter-Terrorism Committee was created in response to the attack on the world trade center in 2001. This committee adopted resolutions which “stressed the obligations of countries to comply with international human rights laws”.It was reported that in 2016 there was a total of 10 countries free from all conflict in the world, according to 2017’s peace index there is a trend for more peaceful countries. Although it seems that there is constant news about conflicts and terror attacks the idea that we live in an unsafe time is not entirely true. Despite what seems to be a very un-peaceful time, with the refugee crisis to mass shootings and bombings, we live in what is described as the safest era in human history, the world still has a long way to go till we have world peace though. There are still wars going on, such as the War in Afghanistan (active for 39 years) and the Syrian Civil War (active for 6 years), both having major death tolls. This doesn’t include the random attacks that take place, for example, the Manchester bombing that took place at an Ariana Grande concert last year.        But what is the United Nations doing to stop these events from reoccurring? The Counter-Terrorism Committee has been active since 2005 and has set sanctions and resolutions against countries or terrorist groups. It is very clear that the U.N has pushed towards peace, but with the recent threats of nuclear warfare between North Korea and the US, the future is unpredictable.Although the United Nations was created because mankind didn’t learn from their mistakes the first time with WWI, WWII ensued ending with the creation of the UN. Although the United Nations was created along with the aim of reaching world peace, it seems like we are right back to where we started seeing as the nuclear threats from North Korea and the US are becoming very real. So what does the future look like? The United Nations created an agenda for 2030, one of the main goal for the future was to “foster peaceful, just and inclusive societies which are free from fear and violence.” along with this goal came new sanctions for North Korea, cutting down the number of exports also while banning exports such as industrial equipment, machinery, industrial metals and transportation vehicles to North Korea. In spite of the fact that the UN implements sanctions for North Korea in many cases, North Korea violates them.     Why is the US and North Korea having conflict? North Korea’s nuclear capabilities have been a threat to the US along with other countries. After North Korea’s first nuclear test in 2006 sanctions began to be imposed more frequently to “combat” the nuclear testing. The Korean War is to blame for this conflict, especially with the fact that North Korea wanted to join South Korea for a long time but the US stopped the North from the takeover. There has even been a recent discussion about North Korea wanting to reunify again…           But what is going to happen with the North Korea – America crisis? Even though there have been threats for nuclear warfare along with multiple missile tests from North Korea, it doesn’t seem likely that there will be a war because of how many countries might get involved with the conflict and the toll it would take on the lives of many.  Although world peace has not yet been achieved, I personally hope that we keep getting closer to that goal in the future.Looking back on the history of the world’s largest genocide and the second largest war ever to take place on the face of the earth, It is very evident that the UN did not want to repeat this death toll. Currently, there is still conflicts going on in the world, where innocent people get caught in the crossfire, or random people are injured or killed due to terrorism. But the United Nations has helped join countries together with a unified goal of helping bring peace to the world. As stated previously, the world has seen many wars over the course of its history. The United Nations is an organization that has attempted to create peace throughout the world, using its strength it has helped numerous countries but mankind has had difficulty learning from previous wars and previous mistakes. From the mass genocide that took place in WWII to the random terrorist attacks and bombings, The future for world peace isn’t known yet and with the conflict with North Korea and the US, anything could happen.War has taken a toll on many lives and world peace is far from being accomplished, I just hope that world peace is accomplished eventually.

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