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many years sociologists and anthropologists have examined the phenomena of
debt, which is still may be viewed as an important issue which attracts most of
them. Now I am going to consider the book “Recording the ambiguity: The moral
economy of debt books in a Russian small town.” written by G. Yudin and I.
Pavlytkin (2015). The authors raise two main problems here: social and
economic, what is more, the last one is given more attention.

    Firstly, while
analyzing the social problem, it is important to mention the debt book which is
here the main actor. If, for example a person, forgot to take money or simply
does not have any, so he or she will be recorded in this debt book, then after
some time, this amount must be refund back to the store. These situations
usually happen in the small, non-wealth cities and from the economic point of
view, it slows down the development of this cities. But this problem is not
about the citizens, it is about the government overall, which only promotes the
development of large cities, and does not pay much attention about the small
ones. As a result, we see that there is a big gap in income between people,
there is less people in middle class, than in those who live in poverty.

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about the economic side of the problem, it must be stated that the second issue
which is mentioned in the article is how the market (exchange) and gift are interact.
They stress that in our world the line between those terms diverges, and, as a
solution, here comes the debt, what was mentioned by the authors, an
intermediary between them. Yet many people can have a different point of view:
that the debt, by itself, bears a negative influence, so many stores can have
more debts than a real income, which can cannot cover all the costs of the
loans. But, what should also be taken into account, is that the store owners
understand that they will lose their potential clients, if they stop giving
debts. Consequently, here we see the conflict which increases and yet does not
have a proper solution.

        In conclusion,
we can say that debt phenomena can be viewed as a part of life of many people,
even if it has some negative outcomes and misunderstandings. It can be a
solution of many problems that people from poor cities have, same time it can
have another influence, for example on stores, or even on country overall. What
it is also important to mention that this article also contains of two ideas.
So, from one point of view, relationships which are based on debt are mostly
often made by those who participate in such relationships, and therefore
existing differences can lead to the fact that they create these debts, and on
the other side, we can say that debt does not always lead to these
contradictions and it is not always a main cause of them.

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