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Throughout your life, you are bound to learn something new. Keeping this principle in mind, I think learning is a never-ending process and in today’s fast developing world the use of complex circuitry in gadget has taken its special place to solve the most critical issue of our mankind. It is here where the field of sensors comes into the big picture and I feel proud that I learnt about it and will learn it in depth in the future with passion.

Pursuing Bachelor of Engineering in “Instrumentation Engineering” from Vidyavardhini’s College of Engineering and Technology which is affiliated with “University of

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Mumbai” was actually a matter of chance than choice, since I was keen to pursue Computer Science as most of my peers opted this field, but in the end better sense prevailed and I opted

Instrumentation which teaches lots about “Transducers”. I was initially regretting my decision to enter this field as I had no idea about the benefit I would reap in the future, but the strong urge to know about different kind of Sensors kept me going and I gradually began to understand the benefits and then this field became my passion. I found subjects such as Digital Electronics, Power Electronics and Drives, Signal Conditioning and circuit design really interesting but lacked seriousness initially which took the toll on my grades as apparent in my mark-sheets. Once I realized the importance, I started taking it seriously and joined the mainstream which is evident from the latter part of my undergrad program.

Also, I would like to share about few instances and decisions during my school life. I was a brilliant student right from early childhood and I still have my report cards of my school South Indian Education Society (S.I.E.S), Matunga, Mumbai STD I to VII wherein it’s written “Brilliant”, this school was starting point of my extracurricular skills. I participated in a lot of Sports activities. In School, I participated and won in several elocutions, quiz, project, skit competitions, etc. I was an active participant in chess competition and always managed to finish in top 10. During school life, my favorite subjects were Science and Math which made me opt Science in college. In my college days too, I used to actively participate in sports, project competitions and many other extracurricular activities. I remember securing 1st prize in a Debate competition in college.

I have also represented my college in Science Taluka Competition where I secured 1st prize for my project “Three Tier Security device”

Coming back to my undergraduate studies, I would like to mention about my projects. As my interest grew in sensing technologies further my efforts in finding its application usage grew even harder. In the third year, we made a project called “Automatic Hand wash”. In this project, we integrated LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) Sensor to IC 555 timer and a solenoid valve. With the help LDR sensor, it was used to trigger IC 555 to control on-off actions of the solenoid valve. So as soon as an object cuts the light of path the sensor the IC 555 used to get triggered and for 15 seconds solenoid valve was turned on so as to control the water flow. In the final year, we made another project named “Automatic clothes dryer”. Here we made four sensors for measuring the humidity of the clothes, controlling the feedback loop of the heating coil, air blower and to remotely control the action of the device. Four sensors temperature, humidity, IR and load cells were used which were integrated to programmer IC 8081. DHT11 and Load cell was used to measure the humidity of the wet clothes. RTD used to measure the temperature of a heating coil, and IR transmitter and receiver was used in the remote control to control air blowers and motors of the device. We programmed 8081 as per our purpose.

Also, during the third year of my engineering, I did a course in my college on PLC, SCADA, HMI which was conducted by Pyramid Automation, Mumbai for about 2 weeks. In this course, we studied the basics of the above-mentioned topics. We got to work on the actual hardware.

I have actively participated in volunteering services such as ISA Students’ Chapter and Student’s council for entire 4 years of my undergraduate studies. In the second year of my engineering, I was deeply involved with the Marketing team in ISA Committee which involved responsibilities of publicizing all events and to also find appropriate sponsors to fund the committee. In the third year of engineering, I was offered a position of deputy treasurer where I had to maintain the funds of the committee so they can be used in an effective manner for the betterment of the committee. In the Final year, I was offered two positions, Program Chair and Treasurer of the committee. I had to manage a team of 120 individuals for performing tasks in organizing various events and exhibitions.

My never give up attitude paid finally when I got appointed in a German firm as Trainee Engineer in “Sick India Pvt. Ltd.” Sick is regarded as a world’s leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial automation applications. My role here was to assist in the various project by different clients from project documentation to final dispatch of the goods. By working with Sick it boosted my confidence to pursue a master’s degree and also kindled a desire to do research.

The electrical and computer field gives me lots of pleasure to work with both information technology as well as complex electronic circuitries as it is the link between the two. The course at your university would definitely mold me and make me industry ready. I have chosen Canada instead of any other country for a reason; Canada is highly advanced in technology and offers a peaceful environment to live in. So, studying in such a friendly environment would make me more technical, complete and would help me achieve my aim.


I look forward to making a career in the Control Systems field. For that, I need to do a specialization in that field. And your university has the best which will surely help me achieve my aim through your Master’s course.

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