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Through research, the
conclusion is that there is not one solution to get rid of bed bugs completely.
With the help of preventative measures, the risk of infestations can be
minimized. It In New York there has been a high number of reported bed bug
infestations. There has been many risk management tools and policies
implemented to deal with this issue. New York has implemented the 2011 Bedbug
Disclosure Act, which requires a landlord inform the residents and future
tenants of the history of bed bugs infestation (Doggett, Dwyer, Peñas, &
Russell, 2012). It was about bringing awareness to the situation to give people
a choice. Also, transparency creates a sense of solace that the building is
there for their tenants and doing what they can to resolve anything that may
arise.  Realistically, the must provide
information about their status because bed bugs travel and spread easily to
other buildings around the area especially through plumbing and mechanical
lines. It is about keeping track of patterns in order to keep record of best
practices and future prevention methods.

Consequences started
rolling in as policies were implemented. Landlords had incentive to stay on top
of the bed bug epidemic since they would get violations if tenants complained
and preventative measures didn’t take place or there was a delay in action. The
McKinney’s Education Law 920 Public Schools: Infestation of Bedbugs, gives the
responsibility to the principal to inform parents of any bed bug breaks out in
the public schools (Solomont, 2008). They are supposed to also
include materials and resources on the causes and tools to learn safe and
effective prevention methods. This will help decrease the spread of infestation
from school into homes or other public settings. 

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Neighborhoods have placed community data online that
gives the public information on areas that have a high amount of bed bug
infestation violation, which happens to be in the poorest regions (Hwang,
Svoboda, De Jong, Kabasele, & Gogosis, 2005). Often, people would take furniture
that people placed outside and put it in their homes, unaware of what it contains.
Either the person throwing away the furniture doesn’t want it anymore or it is
of no use anymore due to many things; bed bugs can be one of them. If
infestation occurs, research suggest to separate everything that may contain
bed bugs and wash all clothing material in hot water and dry them in high heat (Doggett
et al., 2012).  Some families are known
to cover everything in plastic to prevent stains and infestations. This
preventative method also makes it easier to identify and detect anything that
is out of place in these hiding spots for bed bugs. Bite marks should be wash
with soap and water to prevent bacteria from entering the skin due to intense scratching.
Infection can lead to impetigo and cellulitis, which can be treated by
prescribed antibiotics (Goddard, 2009). There are calamine lotions, cool compresses,
and creams that serves as anti-itch relief. (Doggett et al., 2012. The length
of stay of the bed bugs depend on the individual, but it usually goes away in
about two weeks maximum.

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