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Through several decades the world has undergone remarkable
transformation, in all its aspects starting from societal transformation ending
with technological development, both in good and bad ways.  With the advancement of living standards of
people, most of them hardly recognize some threats of the technological
improvements, like threat from Nuclear weapons which poses a severe role on
peace of the world. Most of countries want to have their own Nuclear weapons
arsenal for different reasons, threatening the stability and security of the
earth. One significant reason is to be able to give counter strike to those
whom they might have conflict with. It is very simple to understand that
maintaining nuclear weapons will not guarantee an achievement of the worlds
peace and security. Pope(2017) notes that global peace and life on full harmony
cannot be constructed on amiss sense of security, on complete demolition, or on
a perfect equilibrium of forces (cited in Glatz 
et al., 2017). Existence of chemical weapons of mass destruction in
contemporary world with co-existence of all occurrences such as political
conflicts, civil wars and terror acts, can be compared to life in a death-trap.
Heads of states, politicians and special organizations should assume measures,
by making a decision on reduction of nuclear arsenals, banning and destroying
chemical weapons, which should prevent the possibility of the use of weapons of
mass destruction in modern wars, acts of terrorism and armed conflicts, yet nobody
can guarantee that it will be completely ruled out.

World is facing today global issue like building  and possession of nuclear weapons, as nations
feel the need to have them for their own purposes which are undefined and
cannot be predicted. There is nine countries which possess around 15000 warhead
of nuclear weapon, 93 percent of which comes for Russia and USA, respectively
(Ploughshare Fund, 2016). Also there are countries which already started
hosting nuclear weapons, they are: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and
Turkey (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, no date). While world
powers such as the US and Russia are trying to reduce the amount of their
nuclear weapons, in contrary to, North Korea and Iran are producing nuclear
bombs constantly increasing their number. A question arises, why do they need to
increase the number of their nuclear weapons? The society we live in today
have  been greatly affected by threats of
a certain countries  which detonate their
bombs in a certain region without reason or to test the performances of their
gas warfare. The greatest sixth conduction of nuclear test has been
accomplished in September 2017 by North Korea under its leader Kim Jong Un, who
has in defiance of international sanctions fired dozens of ballistic missiles
test (Kim and Stewart, 2017).  By landing
in the sea near to Japan, it has updated previous North Korean Nuclear weapon
test  record in terms of height and
flight duration (Kim and Stewart, 2017). The country of South Korea have been
browbeaten by North Korean nation  for
many times, as political conditions between them are unfavourable from ancient
times, and it seems it will endure forever, and this is a factor which can lead
North Korea to use their exterminatory arsenal of weapons towards their  neighbor country. Therefore, it is preferable
not to have nuclear weapons which cause panic and paranoia among people.  

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Another alarming factor of the cause of panic and paranoia is the
probability of spread of nuclear weapons among non-state terrorists. The
likelihood that they will find a supplier and will be armed with the nuclear
weapon is increasing. As terrorism on the rise around the world, we cannot
ignore that being armed with a nuclear weapon they can at any time use it,
which can bring numerous deaths of people. The increasingly well-organized
terrorist organizations declared that they have all instructions to build a
weapon of mass destruction, and their intent to seek out the all needed
materials necessary for this(Nuclear Threat Initiatives, no date). Therefore,
it should be prior objective to keep nuclear weapons in control and out of the
hands of terrorists. If the terrorists were able to seek out the materials that
they need, they would already have been built and detonated their weapon
somewhere as a terroristic act. In December 2015 by Internal Atomic Energy Agency Incident and
Trafficking Database system has been detected 
about 2900 cases involving thefts, losses, and under-the-counter dealings
to realize or traffic fissile materials on the international borderlines (cited
in Latortue et al., 2016). Hence, heads of states and governments should have
been focused on this issue for a number of years and should be securing all dangerous
materials by cutting access to them.

Finally, other reason to stop the production of atomic bombs and
completely liquidate all chemical weapons existing in reserve of certain countries
is that,  although claiming not to use
their predominant power against their enemy, knowing that no one will be able
to stand up against them they can lightly change their mind and act as they
think right. Take as an example the consequences of detonated couple of bombs
in two different cities of Japan. In 1945, on the city of Hiroshima was dropped
the atomic bomb by United States, after a few days happened the second conduct,
however, this time not on Hiroshima but on the city of Nagasaki (Lemay and
Tibbets, 2014). The statistics show that this explosions took away immense
numbers of lives of people living in Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
around 160 000 and 80 000, respectively (Lemay and Tibbets, 2014). 

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