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is seen in the continued veneration of image of self-sacrificing women in epics
and stories”.

Geetha feels that she
is with out a sense of wholeness of her personality. Integration of her
personality is not attained. An outsider, she remains untouched by the milieu in
the beginning phase of her married life .

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“The flames lit her face
but her eyes were remote as if she was somewhere

                           Else and there was a
weriness of her expression”(Mehta 88)

She has no idea of how
to behave. This is the situation of a women .They feel they enter into a new world,
it is her second birth . Even after many years and surprised.

never expressed an opinion and never revealed their feelings . They seemed like
little canararies in a cage who sang and twittered but seemed to know no

tries to think of her traditions in the haveli and her modern thoughts . Mehta understands
and reveals the truth:

               “They followed the tradition of their
families at the bidding of their elders,

               But they lacked the same faith
or commitment to it”.(Mehta 87)

As a women Geetha is
hardly any choice. She fails to arrive at concrete determination. She
recognizes her marginalization as women especially as a daughter in law in the
haveli. The process of ego, desolation has already begun. She finds herself merging
into others. She experiences losing boundaries. The authoritative and
dominating male voices in the haveli are of BhagavatSingh Ji’s. It has
suppressed the female voice of articulation. Still Geetha feels strange in the
haveli though the in laws are considerate. It may be helplessness of the
customs binding people

   “Even often seven years I am a stranger to
those who are mine

 and I will always remain stranger” ( p. 103)

         She always expressed to her feelings
of love and appreciation to her father in law, but her despair damped her emotions.
From the early age itself girls are condition according to law created by
earlier society making them as a machine. Their social conditioning generates
slavish attitude which in turn creates compunction in their psyche, when they
decided to remold or change or change it, since her childhood the psyche of a
child is moulded in a particular fashion to incalculate in her all types of
feminine qualities.

“Learn to clean and
sweep or ever the mistress will have no use for you”

Then the situation of
Sita and Vijay are different.  Because
they both belong different class, while Vijay going to school a question arises
in her mind:

   “.If I can go to school, then why can’t Sita?”

Here shows the
difference that Vijay founds that Sita a willing slave, while hurting the scold
towards Sita. They even slapped her.

      The novel explores the inner self of
Geetha who symbolizes the ‘new women’. She is educated and lives in close
association with soceity brushing aside all narrow social conventions. She
tries to discover her real self through her inner and introspective potentiality
that is her classes. She is free to talk about her cage self.

was not just that the classes filled the empty hours but they also offered
a.  challenge”

Geetha know the
curiosity of her pupils.  She started to
love the large empty rooms of the haveli. They were not unfriendly or like a cage.
The barriers like traditions are to hinder her urge for expression. This shows Geetha’s

“Vijay goes to school
and you do not object. Why shouldn’t Sita?”

She is sympathetic
about the problems of the soceity. Her self -assertion has increased as the
becomes aware of the contradiction between her desire to confirm to a cultural
idea of feminine passivity of a daughter-in-law and her task of helping those
who are needy with her classes. Miller observes that:

“When one is an object,
not a subject, all of one’s ownphysical sexual impulses and interests are
presumed not to exist independently.”

As Rama Mehta she observes
that the educated women are less keen to uphold older values that they find
repressive harsh and mostly meaningless. Despite all the disorientation and criticism
Geetha succeeds sending Sita to school. Geetha found her own solution.

“I found stop .girl
from coming”(170)

There was a new favor
in her when she independently solved her own problem, she did not feel the
victim of the prejudice or anything wrong in the social custom. It is a truth
universally acknowledges that women have been denied existence as complete
human beings though they are mentally physically   equipped
to perform at par with men. As Sushila Singh puts it:

“Human experience for
centuries has been synonym with the musculine experience with  the result that  collective image of humanity has been one
sided and incomplete.”

           The outcome has been that women are
defined not as a subject but as an entity in connection with man in his real
life or in his fantasy life. So the protogonist in the novel herself confused when
she has to confirm to rigid lay down by manners and etique5ts. The soceity
itself ,in those years when Rama Mehta has written the book was passing through
the birth pamgs of tradition from tradition to modernity . In such a period to give
a voice to the suffering of women and present injustice heaped on them is a
difficult task. Geetha the protogonist who plays rolls like daughter, wife, and
daughter in law, mother. It shows that she has no her own identity.Mahadevi Varma
points it out it.Women in Indian soceity face identity crisis. Rama Mehta shows
it through her characters. She explained characters name with there husbands,
forinstance, BhagwatSing’s wife , Sangram Sing’s wife, etc. Rama Mehta feels
that women have a tremendous inner strength she wants to translate this inner
strength into something positive a real strength.

            Here, Indian quite representation of
the basic Indian culture. It is a note of hope with the protogonist. She
asserts herself as an individual and putting an end to her doubt about herself.
She is able to hold her own in a hose hold full of tradition -bound, royal, dignified,
noble and well mannered numbers of her family in the haveli. It is a proof if
her individuality, she breaks traditional ground wherever she necessary.

 She takes complete care to delineate her
presence as one shows it with courage and conviction of rationate and
accountability to be a mistress of the haveli. She emerges as an intelligent attractive
and wholly practical woman. She understands the relationship with all its
consequence and confident as well that she is not stretching her moral
obligations. It is suggested that a modern educated woman like Geetha should
pursue some meaning full activity with in the Presently of her household in
order to find happiness and contement as well as her rights , desires struggles
and victories all together . It is Geetha’s voice about her thoughts and
feelings that we 

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