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This paper is to express our
thoughts that is used for automatically close or opens the mobile platforms in
between the train track. The “mobile platform” it means a bridge connects the
two platforms through which the pedestrian can walk on it to reach the next
platform. Sensors are placed on the two sides of the train track. If the train
arrives and reaches the sensor placed before the receiver side the mobile
platform will close automatically and allows the train to go through tracks and
when the train departs  the sensor that
is placed after the receiver the mobile platform will open the bridging
platform  automatically. The
microcontroller will manage this process by using infrared sensor. So on
sensing the train on one path controller will give pulses to the stepper motor
to close the mobile platform automatically.

Keywords: mobile platform, pedestrian, infrared
sensor, microcontroller.

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In this Paper, we proposed an
idea called mobile/automated platform that will automatically open/close the
mobile platform based on the sensory system of train arrival and departure.
Sensors (IR Sensors) are placed on the both sides of the platform where the
automated platform is fixed. The sensor that detect the train motion when it
arrives, that  is located at 2km distance
from the automated platform to disconnect the bridging and allows the train to
pass through the track. The other sensor is placed at 10m distance from automated
platform that sense after train leaves the station and makes the automated
platform for bridging the two platforms and allows the passenger to cross the
grade from one to another. By using switches it can also be controlled
manually. The purpose of implementing this idea is to overcome the usage of
subways and over bridges to cross the platforms. The present system is very
difficult to use, especially for handicapped persons and aged persons.
Sometimes, the passengers highly stress out with transit time. So, they suppose
to use the train tracks directly. In some cities there are elevators to make
the passengers ease in crossing the bridges. Even this does not helps the
disabled persons to go with the wheel chairs.

Keywords: mobile platform, pedestrian, infrared
sensor, sensory system, microcontroller.


transportation mode has been highly depends on train. It is evident from daily
newspapers and TV channels that 40% of train accidents are due to use of tracks
directly to cross the platforms and level crossing. The read sensor senses and
sends a signal. The
development of the most popular devices for automatic level crossing and gate
switching system started about few years ago and continues to emerge. In the
recent years, there is a rapid increase in accidents that might be due to
several reasons like by level crossing, direct platform crossing etc…, although
the automated level crossing, elevators, embedded system for crossing the
platforms is available. Here I propose a automatic mobile platform for easily
crossing the platform from one to another. Instead
of crossing the platform directly or by using the over bridges, this
automatic open/close system is displayed on LED. This will be also useful for
both disabled persons and elderly persons. This system is compact, flexible and
only takes less power to operate making it more reliable to use. The aims and
objectives of this work includes

Basic object of this project is to design a portable embedded system.

2) Developing an economical and
simple solution.

Cost effective, reliable method and signal conditioning.



Now a day the transportation is
becomes a part of our life. Especially in railway transport system. Human
beings have been gifted by nature; by crossing the platforms directly will
leads to accidents. Unfortunately, not everybody possesses in out of danger. In
India, there are around 44% of people are dies due to this level crossing
directly without using the over bridges. This idea will be more helpful to
every passenger.



The project proposed here is
useful not only for the elderly persons, but also for the deaf and blind
persons. The objective of this work includes a mobile platform for effective
platform crossing aiding the physically challenged and elderly persons. A
portable embedded system is designed such that large number of users will get


.It saves the time for passengers
to cross the next platform. The sensing is made continuously whenever the trains
arrive and pass through, which automatically close/open the mobile platform is
partially, automated which is beneficial for passengers to cross the rail grade
crossing. This method will be more comfort for scheduling the train timings for
reaching the particular destination and also for crossing the suitable
platforms. And we have controlled the platform manually using the wireless
communication method.


the chances of human error.

the time consumption.

are less.

reliability near level crossing and at platform crossing.




1.      Controller board

2.      Pic16f877a

3.      Lcd Display

4.      Motor

5.      Zigbee

6.      Switch

7.      Power Supply Unit

8.      Audio Board



2.      Proteus

3.      Embedded c


POWER SUPPLY UNIT: The main component is power supply unit. The 230V ac supply is converted
into12V ac supply through the transformer. The output of the transformer has
the same frequency as in the input ac power. This ac supply will be converted
into dc supply by the diodes.


LCD: It is a type of display used in many portable computer.

LED: It is a
semiconductor light source used as an indicator. It gets the information from
the microcontroller. Here it is used to display whether the pedestrian can
cross the platform or not.


SENSOR is a device that emits infrared radiation in order to sense some aspect
of its surroundings. It can sense
the heat of an object and detection motion.
The radiation is invisible to our eyes but can be detected by an infrared
sensor that interrupts it. Here the sensor will detect the train motion and
intimates to the Microcontroller to close/open the Mobile platform.


MICROCONTROLLER:PIC16f877a : It consist of a memory which is used to permanently save the
program being executed. PIC is a specialized microcontroller chip (Peripheral
Interface Controller). It is a
programmed circuit that carryout the task with timer.


AUDIO INDICATOR:  It just indicates to the passengers
either they can cross the platform or not. This indication will be in audio
format that will helps us to understand the message.


BIDIRECTIONAL MOTOR:  The motor is used to convert the
electrical energy into mechanical energy. i.e. power supply will be changed to
mechanical energy that helps to activate the 
platform in both direction. The bidirectional motor is helps the mobile
platform to open and close immediately when the command is  received 
from the micro controller.


ZIGBEE:  It is designed for long battery
timings at low cost and low power consumption. It is used to control the sensor
networks  in wireless technology.




system design will increases among physically impaired persons, passengers and
elderly persons to meet their common needs. This project describes the use of
reducing the time of climbing the bridges. The mobile platform handles this
process of taking them to the next platform. This working procedure will record
by the microcontroller that integrates all the devices. The instruction will be
informed to the passenger to cross the platform or not.



IR sensors are placed in the both sides of the train tracks. Totally 4 IR
sensors are used in this concept,

station confirmation(if necessary/less distance).


reached confirmation

leaving detection

The first three sensors are fixed
before the Receiver that detects the presence of train or entering into the
station and alerts the platform to allow the train to go through and the last
sensor is placed after the receiver part that detects the train leaving from
the station.

The IR sensor emits the
infrared radiation to detect the obstacle in its surroundings that interrupts
the radiation. Radiation is not visible to human eyes, but it detects the
object (train) movement. The received reflected rays will be transferred
through the zigbee.


The frequency that is received from
the IR sensor will be matched with the ZigBee frequency and it communicates
with its end devices.


In ZigBee there are 3 main components

1.      ZigBee

2.      ZigBee

3.      ZigBee
End Devices(ZED)

system structure

The zigbee coordinator will be connecting
with the other router and end devices. Here the end devices refers the IR
sensor, microcontroller, LED/LCD etc., The zigbee transfers the train arrival
and departure message that is sensed by the sensor till it reaches the end


The entire controlling process is
done by the microcontroller PIC16f877a. It is the heart of the concept, because
it integrates with all the components and handles those working system. This
makes the bidirectional motor to open and close automatically.




mobile platform is activated by microcontroller; this process is done by the
bidirectional motor. The motor gear connects the motor and the teeth part will
help the motor or mobile platform to start bridging the two platforms and again
disconnects the platform whenever it gets the message from the previous system
and microcontroller. The gear is motor works based on the principle of
conversation of angular momentum.


In this module the intimation
will be displayed to the pedestrians through the LED/LCD displays and the audio
indicator. When the train arrives the signal in the station will turn into red
color and when train passes the light will be turned to green color in LED
display. The uneducated passengers can also understand by announcing the status
whether the passengers can use the mobile platform or not in recorded voice
through the audio indicator.


The whole work took
place in this paper heading towards trying to avoid accidents and reduce the
number of fatalities in the field of railway transportation system. Replacing
manned type by adopting unmanned type i.e. fully automatic microcontroller
based system, this helps in preventing the death caused near level crossing,
also decline the time for which the people wait near the level crossing and
completely prevent error that has done by semi manual system.

To help people those
who are physically ill and aged because they are not having enough stamina to
climb and Cross the track with the aid of flyover, to keep in mind that use of
automated plat form bridge is predominant and did the same in this work. This
is the step towards help them and also effective method for those who don’t use
flyover and cross the track along track itself.

In future, the system can be made
more compact such that both transmitter and receiver parts mounted on the



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