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This reading is by Jay Sliver.

Silver mentions that he had built a camera that will help with his experiments
and his exploration in the urban environment. The camera is not able to sense light
however, it is able to sense things that the human eye cannot see. For instance,
CO2, temperature and wind.

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reading also mentions that nature awareness is not taught and must be
experienced to understand what its like. Therefore, nature educators like
Joseph Cornell and Tom Brown lead people who want to experience it through the
rural wilderness. Nature is quite important, and it is shown how nature plays a
significant role in “Last Child in the Woods”. It mentions that nature helps people
with obesity and decreases depression. It also useful to people with attention
deficit disorder. On the other hand, it increases the percentage of
standardized test scores. Therefore, these indicate the importance of nature
and how we need to be aware of the urban nature.

camera for the invisible is like a regular camera in the sense that it has a
lens, a film and a viewfinder however, they do not function in this same way. The
reading describes the different types of lenses that are used to take pictures
of different things such as wind, temperature, CO2, electrical
conductance and sound. A viewfinder can be switched from the back of the camera
just like the lens from the front. A viewfinder displays sensed phenomena in
various ways such as through sound, vibration colour and wind.  

The camera is also equipped with a film which comes in the
form of a memory. This allows the user to record and play measurements. For instance,
a person can walk through a street and record themselves. In the recording of
the walk through the street they can see how the sound varies throughout the

In the
evaluation Jay Silver mentions that he is going to use Critical Exploration to
co-explore the environment with the assistance of children. They will then
share their results with others. They will be exploring behaviours like
touching, feeling, listening and waiting.

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