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This report analysed the current internal and external
corporate communication strategies at John Lewis. Their current Christmas advertisements
strategy has recently been described as monotonous due to using a repeated emotional
appeal formula. This report has further implied a mixed understanding of the
content of the message John Lewis has tried to portray to the public. It
implies a deficiency in their current approach, as their message was perceived
in a different manner to its intention. Analysis of their social media reviews depicts
a staggering 48% of both neutral or negative responses to their campaigns
(Gibsone, 2017), suggesting a requirement of improving and analysing consumer perception.

Within internal communication, their latest ‘social intranet’ has enabled the engagement and
connection of their employees, irrespective of geographical barriers (Gosling, 2013). However, this has
represented an issue of employee isolation from the decrease in face-to-face interactions.

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Their use of ‘roadshows’ to convey new corporate strategies is perhaps
problematic in the time it would take to conduct numerous sessions for a mass
number of employees. 

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