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This paper
explores four published articles that report results from research conducted on
online (internet) relationships and their relationship to the effects of social
media and comedy. They may differ in opinions, but they all work together about
explaining how social media affects comedy. Quotes will be presented from a few
people telling their  view of comedy
today versus the past and how social media has had an impact.













             I enjoy a good joke like anyone
else, but I believe the age group and type of comedy can range. The Millennial
age that I have come from, to the Z and Alpha generations that is current has a
lot to do with how we react to comedy. There are so many different genres of
comedy, but the type of comedy you would like best often depends on your age group.  As stated in Trends in Comedy, Technology and Social Medias Impact on Entertainment
from James Liao, “You can find funny in anything, just have to be good.” What I
take from this quote is, there will always be someone who will not like
something you enjoy, but if you do and its not harmful or hurting anyone, enjoy
what good it brings you.

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media has become bigger than ever and is in a state of constant growth. Social
media is anything but stable, it can change from hour to hour. There are more
people shopping online versus going to a store. Phone interviews are more common
than personal interviews. Social media is taking over personal communication
and replacing it with something more impersonal.

Comedy and
stand up comedy is not what it used to be. Over time comedy has gone from funny
family orientated comedy to everything has to be raunchy and vulgar. Even
comedy on television isn’t like it used to be. Before you could all sit down
and watch a television show with comedy in it and it was family orientated and
a good clean funny. Now a lot of television shows can have good comedy, but a
lot is mixed with vulgarity and not family oriented. There are basically two
types of comedy now; adult comedy and family orientated. Some comedy television
shows have to sensor more of their material. From the article Comedy Then and Now Jeffrey Ross was
interviewed and was asked, “Has the business of making people laugh changed?”
His response was “I don’t know if I’m
qualified to answer that,” he muses, “but I think it probably has. We’re in a
different culture. Jokes are not as precious. They’re flying out on Twitter a
thousand times a day, spilling out on a million different channels. Everyone’s
got shtick, and it’s trickier to entertain people now. Some paparazzi outside a
restaurant last night asked me about my upcoming David Hasselhoff roast, and I
bit my tongue. If I had gotten a laugh, it would have been one less joke for
the show.” He also states, “I don’t like things being censored, but I
also think certain material should be done at the right time slot.”

            Comedy used to be real and honest,
now you have boys
doing standup comedy using foul language, and cue cards. Uncle Miltie from the
article Comedy, Then and Now states: “We
didn’t have tape then,” Uncle Miltie reminisced. “If a joke died, it died. You
could stand there with egg on your face and count to a hundred. You could drive
a train through the silence. Now, you have cue cards and teleprompters and
laugh tracks. Then, you had to know your material by heart, and you had to be
good the first time. It was real and honest.”

comedy is one the forms of entertainment in its simplest and unadulterated
forms, but since social media has quickly taken over more comedians are found
online instead of small clubs and those small clubs have become arenas. Social
media also has opened comedians up to more criticism and not just the
occasional people in the club. Now those more disruptive people are incredibly
disruptive in shows and pose even security risks in clubs and even social media.
It’s no longer just joining in on Facebook or Instagram, people want to incite
frustration from the comedian. From the article, Dane Cook on How Social Media Has Changed Stand Up, Dane Cook
states: “When you’re on the internet, what you share … it’s ‘Siskel and Ebert’
to the infinity degree. Everyone has a comment. Everyone has a review. Some
people are coming from a shattering harsh angle and some people are going to
come at it with love.”

continued: “It’s great to be able to be in someone’s pocket so to be speak. To
know they can pick up their phone and easily look at some of your comedy. I
don’t know if it’s healthy to share everything. You got to keep some of that
mystery.” Dane Cook feels that the mystery is lost when the audience binge
watches a comedians entire career on YouTube or Netflix, it’s different then in
person at a live performance.

Now some
comedians are having to put disclaimers in their acts, telling their audience  “If you have
strong religious beliefs, politically correct opinions, or are easily offended
by crude language and sexual innuendo CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED” like Bill Burr
did for a special he did on Netflix. He did this for those viewers who might
take offense to some of his comedy. He has even changed what he talks about in
his acts because he noticed watching some of his tapes that how he was saying
these things like fags, racial comments towards white and black people, and
trashing women might be offensive. Burr is downplaying the cultural power of
comedy and defending comedians absolute free speech. He states in, Is Social Media Ruining Comedy? “If I’m
saying something and I’m joking, then I’m joking. This is the deal, those
people who get offended like that, if they want to see standup comedy, they
should hire a comic for a private show and go, ‘These are the topics you can
talk about and these are the topics you don’t.’ So you come into the hostile
environment of a comedy club, and we get to say whatever we want.”

are more than just funny, they bring out the good, the bad and the ugly in the
world we live in. They try to keep us smiling even through tough times.
Comedians even try to keep it real and personal with their fans social medias
like: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, spreading that laugh every way
they can. Comedians are trying to still do what they love and enjoy doing,
while working around this social media effect that has come into play with their
career. They still try to do comedy and put warning disclaimers on shows just
to do a show and make people laugh. All comedians want to do is make us laugh
and forget about the bad things in the world. We live in this age where comedy
isn’t the same, but we should bring it back to where it used to be. To be able
to enjoy comedy to its fullest and not have to worry about how someone will
react or want to sue that comedian because he or she didn’t like what they had
to say. We shouldn’t have to live in a more censured world, where the comedian
is having to change their act. There should be enough sense that if you know
you don’t like that type of comedy don’t watch it or don’t go to it; don’t make
it the comedians fault for speaking. Find a type of comedy you enjoy and others
will find what they enjoy, there are so many different options why narrow it
down to types you don’t like and blame the comedian for something you don’t
agree with.

  I believe
social media is making it harder for Comedians to do what they love. They are
not able to do there acts like they should, they may fear that someone will
come after them who’s not happy about the show. I think we live in a generation
where political correctness has become an epidemic. People have become too soft
and can’t enjoy comedy for what it is. Those comedians who try to push the
envelope or raise the bar to overcome the effects of social media and how it
affects their work, are pioneering new ways to go about their craft. Somewhere
along the way people have forgotten that differing opinions does not have to
include hatred, or even merit a response. 
To be able to enjoy comedy doesn’t mean you have to take everything so literally,
enjoy the parts of comedy you like and that makes you happy. 

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