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This bill does have some good ideas
to help fight crime; I think that all factors need to be examined. The biggest
factor will be making sure the communities will not be hurt. I believe that
because crime rates of armed robbery have shown a decrease without the raising
of the penalty, the state legislature should not waste the time and money by
brining into factor a new bill that may not work. This state legislature needs to
make his or herself known within the communities and determine for them what is
a need and a must. I am firm believer of rehabilitation. My standpoint is with
the use of community-based corrections and strict sanctions for rehabilitative
purposes to the unemployed repeat offender who commits armed robbery (Limbaugh,
2009). With the use of professionals, programs, and treatment centers such as educational
assistance skills, counseling for substance abuse, victimization, and other
psychological problem could be the reason a person would not commit armed

A second recommendation that I can offer
would be instead of automatically doubling the prison sentence, instead just
increase it by three or four years. If this bill is passed by this state
legislature, the inmate population will increase. When the increase of the
inmate population reaches a certain level there will be a need to build more
jails and prisons to house the people. There are always strong debates that
arise when a jail or prison is going to be built because no neighborhood or
community wants this type of facility near their location. The reality is that
no matter what we would do or new idea that we would try there will always be
crime. The last recommendation that I want to offer is to look at the expenses.
Considerations such as the expenses to house, feed, clothe, and provide medical
services to these inmates will affect everyone from taxpayers to the
communities. Individuals on this state legislature board need to remember what
the communities want and do what is best for them; increasing taxes it not
going to be the answer with the current conditions of our economy.

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Taking property from an individual
or in the presence of another individual with the use of force or by
threatening the use of force while armed with a dangerous weapon is referred as
being the definition of armed robbery(Dictionary). During the colonial days all
forms of robbery were punishable by death. The United States Constitution does
not allow the execution for an individual who has been convicted of just
robbery alone; however, if someone is killed in the course of the robbery the
individual can be sentenced to death on a felony murder charge (Law). Armed
robbery is a very serious crime; from January 1, 2011 to March 31, 2011 there
were 1081 bank robberies (FBI). I have noticed from all the provided reports
from the Bureau of Justice Statistics are the decrease in those numbers. Even
though numbers have decreased, they are still too many in quantity. When
attempting to make a recommendation for this possible bill to double the prison
sentence for armed robbery we must look at to where the rates where in
comparison to the past and where they are presently. I chose the years 1980,
1990, and 2005 because these years hold a special meaning to me. In 1980 the
percentage rate of armed robbery was down 6.6%, in 1990 the percentage rate of
armed robbery was down to 5.7% and finally in 2005 the armed robbery percentage
was down to 2.7%. These numbers reflect a decline without the increase of the prison
sentence. Changes made on the rapid side could have a negative effect. I am
firm believer that if something is not broken it does not need to be fixed. The
most important recommendation that I can offer is to adventure out into the
public areas that have the increased crime rates and provide more law
enforcement officers in those areas. The increased amount of law enforcement
officers can give deterrence and also make the citizens of that community feel
more secure.

The state legislature will be
voting on a bill that will double the maximum prison time that an individual
will receive for armed robbery if convicted. The reason for this proposal is
too help give different solutions that may help the state legislation members
see other solutions that may be more beneficial. The bill is popular with the
state legislature; there is a must to examine the factors that could be a
factor. I have decided to examine what the new bills possibilities are and if
there is even need to “fix something that is not broken.” According to the
Uniform Crime Report (UCR), “armed robbery is defined as an aggravated form of
robbery in which the defendant is armed with dangerous weapon.”

I am a criminologist that has been
hired by the state legislature to examine a possible bill of doubling the
prison sentencing of individuals committing armed robbery. I will provide recommendations
as to whether or not this prison policy would be the best benefit for parties
that are involved.

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