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study paper has analyzed  the divergent
strands of  modernization theory and
Huntington analysis in comparative politics on the topic of democratization and
targeting the most influential and most debated 
cases. Deciding on these highlights the causal mechanisms that scholars
think have extended the numbers of democratic states worldwide. It can also see
the extensive outlines of what areas of research and theorizing nonetheless
want attention after the previous half of century of debate. In view that of
geopolitical realities and the continued debates surrounding democratization
and financial development around the globe, it is possible that an examination
of the techniques of democratization and democratic consolidation will proceed
to be a key subject in comparative politics. Enormous numbers of scholars
continue to ask important questions, and the character of politics in many
states all over the world means that the actual-world implications will proceed
to drive the debates forward. In all possibility, the following the century
will see extra principal contributions to this line of inquiry, and there’ll
certainly be additional sophistication within the models searching for to
establish the causal mechanisms of democratization and democratic

addition, many of these explanations promote democratization once it has been
centered in a certain case (South Korea and China). The Figure 1. Below
explains theory of Huntington in graphical way that the economic preconditions
are not necessary the predominant variables for democratization. The Case of
South Korea proofed that economic preconditions are the variables in
progressing democratization especially during 80s.

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dilemma rises with the idea of religious variable for Confucianism which
declines the idea of  being part of anti-democratization
for South Korea. However, China is proofed to be prone of Huntington’s
hypothesis about Confucianism since China still is not even in the process of democratization.
It is the second largest economy world and developing faster and further still
the political regime remains the same, not democratic.

theory of Modernization is debatable from taking into consideration the example
of China  in comparasion with South Korea

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