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This letter is intended to serve as my unqualified professional
endorsement of Mr. Shreyas Upadhye for a place on the Master’s programme at
your esteemed university.

I have been acquainted with Shreyas in my capacity as his Professor
for over three years now during which, I taught him the Database Management
System, Advanced Database Management System, Intelligent System courses in Third,
Fifth and Seventh semesters. My reflection of his performance in my class, is
that he undeniably harbours a positive demeanour towards academics. In this
context, I wish to place on record, the persistent advancement in scholastic performance
that he has exhibited during his four years of study.

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As part of his final year project, he worked apace with two of his
classmates on “Recommendation System for E-commerce using Big Data” project.
The project was an exemplification of astute collaboration and a profound sense
of responsibility, two character endowments that I consider imperative for
professional success. Shreyas has displayed remarkable skill to learn
independently and grasp swiftly, the essence of intricate theories.

Shreyas possesses superlative competence for research and has the
capacity to focus intensely on demanding tasks. He is also a colourful raconteur
and can surely hold a conversation. His well rounded personality is precisely the
reason why he has been an
essential component of the college student council. Additionally, he was also the
head of the Creative Team, which is at the helm of organising the annual
college and department festivals. I believe these characteristics added to his brilliant
intellectual capacity will pave the way to Shreyas’s success in all his future

is his ability for quick mastering of sophisticated material combined with the
drive to learn that deeply convinces me that he will be successful in your
program. It is my sincere
hope that you will accept his application to your distinguished university.

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