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This section is characterized by King’s frequent use of a radiant tone of hope and optimism that is in no way undermined by his fiery pessimism. He considers that the brutality of slavery demonstrates that the ones that are oppressed will always persevere in their hope to create change. Instead of making a generalization on real heroes from the South, he specifically names them out. These include people like James Meredith, Rosa Parks, and many others. These heroes all share one thing in common, which is their race. Them being black are not a coincidence nor an accident. They were purposely chosen by King to suggest that his confidence does not only rely on his white compatriots.Viphu: Similar to the previous section, King continues to attack the clergymen and because of their religious backgrounds he uses the allusion to Calgary to help the clergymen understand the difference between King and the men that were killed for hateful extremism. Compared to the three men, Christ was killed for “creative” extremism and through this, he hopes that the clergymen will begin to admire King and his brethren. Coupled with his attack on the clergymen, King attacks the church for their lack of creativity and extremist spirit which he expresses as a danger.Wisely: I would consider this section of the letter to be very controversial and extreme. The reason for that is because King openly admits that he is proud to be an extremist, which is pretty frightening. He used this largely as a way to frighten his audience and capture their attention. He then proceeds to defend extremism with his allusions of famous figures of which he considers to be extremist. These range from religious figures such Jesus Christ to political figures like Abraham Lincoln. He makes an allusion to these figures because they all did not wait patiently and suffered, instead they stood up and demanded change.TTS: Great work guys. We can finally move onto the last section which begins with Before closing I feel impelled to mention one other point in your statement that has troubled me profoundly and ends with in some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood will shine over our great nation with all their scintillating beauty.Jason: The way King ends off his letter is different to what one would expect it to end. The final argument that King ends his letter with is what he considers the post-script. Even so, the tone does not differ from how it is in the second half of the letter. This is because he continues to confront those that praise the Birmingham police, while they forget the courage of the protesters. This criticism adheres to the letters overall attack on moderation.

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