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This planet is one of
the beautiful planet in the universal. This planet also called blue planet why
it was called blue planet if we will see the planet from the space it color was
blue because it was called blue planet. What reason for this color this world
maximum surrounded by water? 70 % of seawater, 2.5 % is fresh water and 27.5 %
is land. Maximum land fully surrounded by sea water. So this world has much
more coastline. There are many humans living in coastline all the humans fully
depended in marine. Maine work in marine was fish capture. These are people
called marine fishermen. The marine was providing employment for humans
directly and indirectly. The marine resource cannot be reduced. 202 countries
have coastline border in the world. Fishing is the one of the oldest occupation
in the world more than agriculture. 15 million people involving in fish capture
work in the world. Fish resource generally accounted for about 16 percentage
part of the world protein.


Worldwide aggregate catch fishery creation in 2014 was 93.4
million tones, of which 81.5 million tones from marine waters and 11.9 million
tones from inland waters For marine fisheries generation, China remained the
real maker took after by Indonesia, the United States of America and the
Russian Federation. The aggregate number of angling vessels on the planet in
2014 is assessed at 4.6 million, near the figure for 2012. The armada in Asia
was the biggest, comprising of 3.5 million vessels and representing 75 percent
of the worldwide armada, trailed by Africa (15 percent), Latin America and the
Caribbean (6 percent), North America (2 percent) and Europe (2 percent)

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Universal exchange assumes a noteworthy part in the fisheries and
aquaculture division as a business maker, nourishment provider, wage generator,
and supporter of monetary development and improvement, and in addition to
sustenance and nourishment security. Fish and fishery items speak to a standout
amongst the most-exchanged fragments of the world sustenance division, with
around 78 percent of fish items assessed to be presented to worldwide exchange
rivalry. For some nations and for various beach front and riverine locales,
fares of fish and fishery items are fundamental to their economies,
representing more than 40 percent of the aggregate estimation of exchanged wares
in some island nations, and all inclusive speaking to more than 9 percent of
aggregate horticultural fares and 1 percent of world stock exchange esteem
terms. Exchange fish and fishery items has extended extensively in late
decades, fuelled by developing fishery creation and driven by popularity, with
the fisheries segment working in an inexorably globalized condition. What’s
more, there is a critical exchange fisheries administration.

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