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This motion picture is about a heart specialist/surgeon who goes by Dr. Jack McKee. He is intelligent and has numerous amount of skills yet he doesn’t have any passionate care towards his patients. He appears as though he is purely there only for work and income. In the movie he doesn’t recognize their emotional aspects by any condition at all. The film features on various moral issues and ethics. Medical morals is an arrangement of rules that apply values and judgments to the practice of medicine which helps a doctor/physician to choose what is morally or ethically right. Crucial standards of medical ethics are respect for patients freedom (respect the patient’s ability to make decisions on behalf of themselves), aid, do no harm, and treat equitably and share benefits fairly.In addition the film features what is normal from medical professionalism. Medical professionalism implies, the consistent and intellectual communication, learning, specialized abilities, clinical thinking, feelings, qualities and appearance in day by day for the advantage of the individual and group being served. Some of these qualities are absent in Dr. McKee’s character. So the story indicates how he experiences a change in his views and states of mind towards the patients because he becomes a patient with a threatening throat tumor. Dr. McKee’s appears to be heartless towards the individual issues of the patients. While tending to the trainers, he advises that feelings have nothing to do with the science of patients. He doesn’t think these patients suffer emotionally by being ill. The story continues and Dr.Mckee  goes to a defining moments in his life. He get inspected because of scenes of hacking up blood and found to have a development in his throat. It was suspected to be a tumor.After the heartbreaking death of Ms.June, he now understands feeling and emotions that others are enduring. He returns to the hospital with the same skills and knowledge but with changed attitudes toward his patients. He changes his whole ora and is more sympathetic/empathetic towards patients. This film shows how important it is to learn professional traits and qualities of a doctor, it also shows that mental and physical care for a patient is significant. Also how important the medical ethics to protect the rights of the patient. The director has success in highlighting some ethical issues in medical practice and how medical ethics help to protect the rights of both the doctor and the patient other than knowledge and skills in medicine.

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