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This report is going to talk about how music in the creative
industry stands on its own in the UK and the Business sizes of the music
industry. It is also going to show the strengths, the weaknesses, the
opportunities and the Threats analysis of the music industry informed by the
Political, economic, social and technological factors.

creative industry is also well known as creative and cultural industries and
also the creative and digital industry within the creative economy, the word
creative industries explain businesses with creativity at their heart and the
use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness. It
also has at list 9
sub-sectors or more in the Creative Industries such as Music, Performing and
Visual arts, Film, TV, Video, Radio and Photography, Software and computer
services, Graphic and Fashion Design, Advertising and marketing, Publishing,
Museums Galleries and Libraries, Architecture, Crafts, Design Product.
(David, 2017) 

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also known as the Department for Digital,
Culture, Media & Sport helps to drive growth within rich lives to promote
Britain abroad and also help businesses and communities to grow by investing in
innovation to make Britain a good and fantastic place to visit and work it. It
gives the UK a different edge on the global stage, to strive for economic
success.  (, 2017) 


to (UK Music, 2017), the music industry has carefully measured the size of the
music industry and its addition to the British economy.  According to (Jon, 2017), The Music industry
increased in 2016, mainly the live music which sailed by 14 per cent that makes up £1billion in part of the
£4.4billion in the music business industry that was made for the UK economy in
2016. (Jon, 2017) Many of new jobs in the UK were created
in the music industry and its growing at a faster pace than the rest of the
employment market. It has the biggest increase 13 per cent in the live music sector while altogether it has 19 per cent to over 142,000 jobs with just under 90,000
named as musicians, songwriters, lyricists and composers. (Jon, 2017), (Richard,
2017) The
viewpoint for the music business is better than it has been in years
are some challenges that could threaten our attempts to connect the foundations
for a bigger growth. (Jon, 2017)

The music industry in this country is the envy of the world
because were the best per capita in the world you have to look at our
historical output from the Beatles to Rolling Stones to the new artist such as
Adele and Ed Sheeran.  Like Britpop and
punk, the British music scene has a global impact and we produced music
brilliantly well and we carried the most talented musicians would punch way
above our weight. The value of the musical industry like the core assets which
contributes 3.5 billion to the economy and exports 1.4 billion is quite
difficult to evaluate with is a huge proportion of export figures but the
actual value of British music is much bigger like contributing stuff like music
for films, music to technical stuff like YouTube.( DCMS, 2014)

the UK economy, the music industry rose 6% in 2016 to provide £4.4 billion while
last year the music industry grew almost Every sector of the business
according to the annual economic study by (UK Music, 2017) compare this with
the TV industry which is stronger than ever, creating formats and content that
are wanted by buyers over the world. The TV trading’s worth

to the (Creative Industries Federation, 2016),
there will be an immediate impact including the effect of businesses and the
drop of sterling on planning and artists’ fees. It will be hard to retain and
recruit talents in the UK, and now how new visas are rules will be added they
will be increased costs for British artists that are touring in the EU and for
British venues that want to present non-UK EU people. The higher education will
have an impact on the finances and global position of British of a likely cut
to the number of EU students and academics. It will be hard for people to
protect their original designs and ideas with knock-on effects for trade
showcases such as London Fashion Week and music showcases. Another thing that
will be affected will be the loss of EU funding streams which is especially
important in the UK nations and other regions. According to (UK Music, 2017),
10% of the music industry jobs hold a passport for an EU country other than the
UK while this is larger than the estimated 7% total UK job who are from other
EU countries, this was found in a UK Music Diversity Survey in 2016. 2% of
songwriters, Musicians, composers, producers and artist managers were asked how
leaving the EU would impact on their talent in the music industry they also
thought that Brexit would have a strong impact on their chances of working, but
while 50% of songwriters, Musicians, composers, producers and artist managers
was worried that leaving the EU would have a negative impact on the music
industry. (iq mag, 2017)

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