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This letter is to inform you that I have submitted an application for the Master’s programme in Statistics and Machine Learning at Linköping University for the 2018 autumn admission. My passion and keen interest in learning and creating the predictive models for specific needs has driven me to apply for this program. I strongly believe that the program will provide me a deep theoretical and practical knowledge which in turn will have a great impact on my career background. I will gain the better understanding of the algorithms and tools like scikit-learn, Theano, TensorFlow used in machine learning field which is very challenging.

My career goal is to associate with a vibrant IT firm where I can effectively contribute my skills and ideas attained till date and to synchronize my personal growth with that of the organization. Let us have a look at my academic qualification and experiences which provides an image of me as a perfect candidate for the program. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering(2016) from Anna University with 8.44 CGPA. I was prone to various subjects such as computer programming, probability and random processes, etc. I gained the fundamental knowledge from the specified courses.

During my bachelor’s, I attended the training program of neural networks and fuzzy applications with hands-on experience using Matlab. This induced me to know more about the skills and toolkits used in that field. And also, I presented a paper entitled as “Thumb print classification using artificial neural network” in the National Conference under the guidance of my professor. This paper presents some intermediate results on the thumb print classification adopting a neural network as a decision stage. The two phases such as training and prediction has been done with the large datasets. The neural network performed matching process and is successfully developed to identify and classify the thumb print using back propagation algorithm.

I was given the opportunity to work on my professor’s research work of diagnosis of HIV using neural networks and fuzzy applications. This driven me to get furthermore deeper into the machine learning field as it’s more challenging and provides maximum accuracy. After graduating, I have undergone additional training programs in Java, and Python programming languages from National Institute of Information Technology. These programs enhanced my ability to construct program blocks and networked programs using web services and databases. All these experiences convinced me that my interests lie within the applicable ideas.

As a python learner, I am pretty much eager in applying python techniques in machine learning to gain new insight into data. The background from my bachelor degree provided me a good platform fro learning programming language along with the additional training i like to implement this knowledge . the future is going to be ..

… depend completely on machine learning technology. I used to spend my leisure time learning the pattern analyzing techniques and application of the algorithms for specific needs from the online stuffs.

I enjoy working in mathematical models which are mostly interesting and provide us strong belief to work with the applications. My actual research goal is to implement the classification methods and software based on the user needs and making them satisfied. To boost my research interest and eagerness into the applications in machine learning and to fulfil my dream and goals, I need an environment filled with dedicated pupils, innovative concepts, and supportive prefessors.

I was awaiting for an opportunity to grasp more new techniques and master the knowledge gained with my programming skills in machine learning. And this landed my interest in pursuing Master’s program in Statistics and Machine Learning to realize my dream.Patterns, I believe it to be one of the fastest ways to make the world advance. I have noticed the listings in your website where I will be given oppoptunity to learn and experience various fields. I was very much excited on seeing this “how to use classification methods to improve a mobile phone’s speech recognition software ability to distinguish vowels in a noisy environment”.

I was eagerly waiting to be a part of STIMA and IDA machine learning seminars which will widen my research ideas and helps in shaping my career. And also I wanted to work with the professor Mattias Villani as his research focuses on Bayesian methods for decision making.I will be very happy if I am one of the pupils in Linköping University where I can experience research based education, authentic training in mathematics, and can have plenty research results in machine learning. Finally, I really hope to have an opportunity to realize my dream of pursuing Master’s degree program and to share my innovative ideas with colleagues in your university. It will be a great pleasure for me to join and explore more in your university.With a Master’s degree in MBA, I would be able to venture out number of learning aspects and also develop a strong sense of independent thinking by nurturing problem solving abilities, characteristic of student centered learning at your esteemed institution. I believe this program will truly shape me to be compatible with the continuity of change in this era of technology and facing the leadership challenges in the global competition starting with the organization I am currently working. Finally, I believe that I am still in the growing phase of my career and a master degree will truly shape me to be compatible with the continuity of change in this era of technology and facing the leadership challenges in the global competition.

Your University with its commitment to foster an innovative mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit is remarkable and attractive to embark my academic career. Given an opportunity, I will strive at my best to keep up the expectations of the University to enlighten my knowledge and maintain a good rapport with people who intent to frame my flaring future.   

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