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This story
tells of a very great scientist named Aylmer. Aylmer has a beautiful wife named
Georgina. Georgina is very different because she has a small red-shaped tiny
hand mark on her cheek. During his marriage, Aylmer never questioned the
birthmark possessed by Georgina. However, one day Aylmer asked Georgina if she
wanted to remove her birthmark. Georgina replied not because the birthmark was
often called dazzling so she never imagined to remove the birthmark on her
cheek. Aylmer replied that the birthmark was fascinating if it was on somebody
else’s face but not with Georgina. Georgina was crying, she was shocked and disappointed
with what was in her husband’s mind. She feels that her husband does not
sincerely love her, she then thinks for what Aylmer marries her if in the end
it will be like this. In Aylmer’s mind birthmark becomes a symbol of human
imperfection. Until finally Georgina obey her husband’s desire to remove his
birthmark. When the elixir is ready, Aylmer take his wife, his wife drinks it
and falls a sleep. The sign begins to disappear little by little. But, when
Georgina woke up she felt that her body was dying until finally she died.

            The author of this story is
Nathaniel Hawthorne. He was an American novelist and short story writer who was
a master of the allegorical and symbolic tale. One of the greatest fiction
writers in American literature. He was life around 1800s. In this story the
author describe the character of Georgina as a weak women who is oppressed and
didn’t has power to resist. This is because the author lived in an era when the
feminist movement haven’t established in America. The Feminist movement
established in around 1900s. So at that time the author write this story before
the feminist movement established. This story discuss about how the man to be a
superior and have a more powerful than woman and also discuss about the women
who are in under pressure and degraded because she didn’t have the power to
struggle for her life.

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            This story uses feminist theory.
There are two kind of feminist theory. First is the feminist that respect the
equality between woman and man. The second is feminist theory that put the
woman in oppressed and weak situation. This story uses the second feminist
theory. According to Tyson (2006: 86) said that the belief that men were
superior to women has been used, feminist have observed, to justify and
maintain the male monopoly of positions of economic, political and social
power, in other words, to keep women powerless by denying them the educational
and occupational means of acquiring economic, political, and social power. From
the quotation above proof that woman just to be a supporter and justify the
position of man.



            The conflict of this story about the
husband (Aylmer) that force the wife (Georgina) to remove her birthmark. In my
opinion Aylmer has power to force Georgina to remove her birthmark because
Aylmer is a husband and a head of family who are controlled his wife and also
he is a great scientist who can easily do the experiment to remove the
birthmark of his wife. It’s proofed by the part of dialogue.

“Dearest Georgina, I
have spent much thought on the subject” said Aylmer. “I am sure it can be

“Dearest wife,” cried
Aylmer. “Do not doubt my power. I am ready to make this cheek as perfect as its

From the part of
dialogue above, it proof the traditional gender roles. According to Tyson
(2006: 85) said that the traditional gender roles cast a men as rational,
strong, protective and decisive. He want to decisive Georgina’s perfection by
remove her birthmark. Aylmer has own perfection standard that makes him very
want to change Georgina to be very perfect person. Aylmer made his wife as the
experimental material because he wanted to fulfil his scientist desires because
he has long retired from his jobs. Aylmer define between the science and his
wife in his life. He knows that Georgina’s birthmark was deeply into her heart.
Aylmer also ever dream that he and his assistant Aminadab trying to remove
Georgina’s birthmark with an operation. But the deeper his knife went, the
deeper the small hand sank until it had caught hold of Georgina’s heart. Aylmer
also know that it is a fact that Georgina’s birthmark was united to her heart,
but he still want to remove the birthmark even though he will hurt Georgina’s
heart. This story also shows that the characteristic of Aylmer was very
arrogant and over confident. It’s proofed by the part of dialogue below.

“The chemical process
went perfectly,” he said. “Unless all my science has tricked me, it cannot

“To test the liquid,
he placed a drop in the soil of a dying flower growing in a pot in the room. In
a few moments, the plant became healthy and green once more.”

From part of dialogue
above, it proof that Aylmer is over confident and convinced that the experiment
will be successful there is no risk. But he forgot that in every experiment the
worst probably still exist. In this dialogue he do the experiment with the
flower, the flower are clearly different with human.

            The second analyse that have been I
found that the characteristic of Georgina is the woman that in under pressure
and weak. It show that there is a traditional gender role in here. According to
Tyson (2006: 85) said that Traditional gender role cast woman as emotional
(irrational), weak, nurturing and submissive. Its part of sexist. According to
Tyson (2006: 85) stated that sexist which means it promoted the belief that
woman were innately inferior to men. This belief in the inborn inferiority of
women is a form of what is called biological essentialism because it based on biological
differences between the sexes that were considered part of our unchanging
essence as men and women. From these statement is like the characteristic of
Georgina. Georgina is a wife. As a wife she is very obedient to her husband
until she obeys her husband’s wishes even though it is dangerous. Like that she
was doing to agreeing the Aylmer’s desire to remove her birthmark. She don’t
has a power to resist and very submissive to Aylmer. It proofed by the part of
dialogue below.

“Think not so little
of me that you cannot be honest about the risks we are taking,” she said. “I
will drink whatever you make for me, even if it is a poison”

“I do not need proof,”
Georgina said quietly. “Give me the glass. I am happy to put my life in your
hands.” She drank the liquid and immediately tell asleep.

From the part of
dialogue above the character of Georgina shows that Georgina is representative
of woman who in under pressure. She can not reject what his husband said. She
is a weak woman and doesn’t try to fight against her husband even though it
dangerous for herself.



            This story is a form of feminist
criticism that female characters become as object. In this story the man
character has the power to act more than woman character. This story
illustrated how Georgina is very weak and does not resist when her husband asks
for something that does not suitable with her desire even though it dangerous
for her life. I think the author wants to describe the form of nature of a
women as a submissive person, weak, has no strength to fight man through
Georgina character. While the image of the superior man is illustrated by the
character of Aylmer.

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