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chapter presents same related readings and studies on the topics associated
with the research problem. The topics presented below discuss how working
environment can affect in the health status of health care providers. It also
tackles in this chapter the factors in the working environment that may affect
the health status of the staff nurses in both government and non government

Working environment

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environment is a factor that can determine the safety and well being of both
staff  nurse and patients. It guides the
clients the impression of the quality of medical care and nursing services that
it caters to the patients. Futher reading of related literature shown a wider
horizon of the impact of the work place on the service of nursing practices in
all hospitals.

to the American Nurses Association (2013), Nurses, as health care
professionals, is First, do no harm. Nurses are the
premiere advocates for the safety and quality of: Patient care, Registered
nurses and other health care workers, Health care practices and products. Sharp
injuries expose health care workers to blood borne pathogens and continue to be
a serious health hazard.

AAOHN Journal 57(4):149-57 (May
2011), Nursing
is a hazardous occupation in the United States, but little is known about
workplace health and safety issues facing the nursing work force in the
Philippines. The Philippine nurses association conduct a survey 2007 that
describe the work related problems of the Filipino nurses. Measures included
four categories: work-related demographics, occupational injury/illness,
reporting behavior, and safety concerns. Approximately 40% of nurses had
experienced at least one injury or illness in the past year, and 80% had
experienced back pain. Most of them who had an injury reported. The top ranking
concerns of the Filipino nurses were stress and overwork. Filipino nurses
encounter considerable health and safety concerns that are similar to those
encountered by nurses in other countries.

Anne Marxze Umil  (March
31, 2015), the researcher said that the that Filipino nurse’s working condition
are worsening, it give staff nurses too much ” toxic” in their daily living as
a staff nurses on the hospitals, hence that the health status of the staff
nurses have more risk in the nasocomial infection because of overload of
patients, multiple serious cases, prolonged working hours, and understaffing.
Sometimes due to exhaustion, the staff nurse could not properly put IV
(intravenous) insertion to the patients because they had been on their feet the
whole day. But the reasearcher said that nurses working in the government,
should act as if they like it and be willing to work overtime even though it is
to exhausting and tiring, for the sake of patients recovery”.

Midwifery Stud. (2014) Nursing is a
stressful job and nurses are often faced with a variety of stress at work.
Nurses are an indispensable component of the work force in the health care
system. Working environment is one of the factors that may affect nurses health
status in terms of psychological and physical health in both non government and
government hospitals. Nurses are an indispensable component of the work force
in the health care system.  Considering
the fact that nurses, as the main members of the health and treatment team, play
a critical role in improving the society’s health. lack of attention to their
mental health can lead to reduction of efficiency, loss of workforce, and
creation of physical as well as mental complications for both the nurse and the

Vera Regina Lorenz, Edinêis de
Brito Guirardello (2012) Nurses working in environments
that are considered favourable to professional practice, with sufficient human
and material resources, describe positive experiences at work and a better
perceived quality of care. In addition, there is evidence that autonomy,
cordial professional relationships between nurses and physicians, control over
the professional practice environment and organizational support are
environmental attributes that, when perceived by the nurses, enhance professional
practice, guarantee greater satisfaction and contribute to a better quality of
care offered to patients in services.

Health Organization (2016), A healthy work environment described as one that is
safe, empowering, and satisfying to the patients but not to all people. It is parallel
to the definition of health, it is not merely the absence of real and perceived
threats to health, but a place of “physical, mental, and social well-being,”
supporting optimal health and safety.

Nurses Association (2012) A safety of working environment described as a
highest rank to the health status, in which all leaders, managers, health care
workers, and ancillary staff have a responsibility as part of the patient
centered team to perform with a sense of professionalism, accountability,
transparency, involvement, efficiency, and effectiveness of techniques and
intervention to the patients and nurses safety. All must be mindful of the
health and safety for both the patient and the health care worker in any
setting providing health care, providing a sense of safety, respect, and empowerment
to and for all persons. Nurses face many chemical hazards in the workplace.
Hazardous drugs, commercial cleaning products, sterilants/disinfectants, and
pesticides are just a few examples. RNs (and their employers) need to know how
best to protect themselves, co-workers, patients, the broader community, and
the environment from unwanted exposures.

Maja Djukic PhD, RN (2014), A
“Clearly, physical work environment can affect nurses’ ability to do their
jobs effectively and efficiently, The right environment facilitates nurses’
work, which increases their job satisfaction, which in turn reduces turnover.
All of those improve patient outcomes”. construction or remodeling, health care
leaders should look at features that enhance workgroup cohesion,
nurse-physician relations, and other factors that affect job satisfaction.
Physical environment is assessed based on the architectural, ambient, and
design features of the workspace, including crowdedness, ventilation, lighting,
arrangement of furniture, colors and decorations, aesthetic appearance, and the
need for remodelling as possible because this may affect the health status of
health care providers.

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