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This allows surgeons
to practice delicate operations without potentially risking a patient’s life.
Along with detailed three-dimensional images of the bodily organs involved in
the operation, setups include haptic technology, a tactile feedback
system that simulates the pressure exerted by the virtual organs. The
result is a sophisticated simulation in which the user can both see and feel
the virtual surgery to a realistic 

virtual surgery procedures utilize a combinan of computerized tomography
(CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans to create an in-depth three-dimensional
model of the organ and the patient. The combination of scans allows surgeons to
see both the surface and interior of theWith the cadaver
becoming a rarity and being considered unethical and impractical the virtual
surgery system holdsVIRTUAL SURGERY IN DETAILSpatient’s MRI or video recording, which are 2D images. Images are
segmented and constraints are imposed.

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 like MRI scan ,CT scan the 

at all times. Motion sensors attached to the operating tools simulate any
action taken towards the virtual organs, allowing surgeons to manipulate the
image as they would during an actual surgery. Haptic technology devices, on the
other hand, simulate the physical experience of the operation through a
combination of force, motion, and vibration based on the surgeon’s movements.
All these elements combine to allow a surgeon to “touch” a virtual
organ, manipulate it, and feel the results.was coined by JARON LANIER
in 1980’s. Since the VS system has undergone a tremendous change in terms of
usage and adaptability. The oldest virtual surgery lab has been situated in Oregon
state medical university which was set up in 1990Then taking standard
human measurements of male/female body the simulated image is brought to life. Various
complex software’s, real-time fluid dynamics theory and SensAble pvt. Technology’s
GHOST software’s are needed to move into the final image.•      surgeons used
to follow text book images or cadavers for the training purposes. Today
cadavers are limited in supply and generally allowing one
time use only, so this virtual surgery technology is becoming a training
method of choices in most medical     
to have clear J.S.S

Science and Technology University

JayachamarajendraCollege of Engineering, Mysore-570006

of Instumentation Technology




SURGERY”•      He did not have
exact idea how the surgery was going to result which led to lots of   errors and risking of the
human life.•     
, image processing and 3D graphical capabilities has
led to great interest in image guided and computer-  aided surgery. 

for a doctor to
perform surgery on
a patient even though they are not physically in the same location







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