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This scenario could have been handled in a completelydifferent competent manner which could have eliminated all these challengingissues which raised. Patient here experiences extreme communication gap withhealthcare practitioner. Mr. Tabriz also faces the interference of dietaryissues for medical requirement with his religious beliefs, which lead tocreating trust issues.Language interpretation is very crucial topatient wellbeing although they remain quite primitive.Hospital had three days to gather complete medicalinformation of patient, this could have been achieved by phone interpreter servicesor by arranging a professional interpreter. This situation of gathering patientmedical history could have become easier if the medical staff took a step toarrange a fixed set time with Mr. Tarbezis son but instead they dependent onthe availability of son.

A professional translator is the best option and mostpreferred who is a non-family member in order to reduce the likelihood of nottelling the truth. Mr. tarbezi hesitance in sharinginformation about his and family medical history, could have been because ofhis lack of trust in the care givers.

This trust started deteriorating when hewas given no assurity about free pork dietary. One must be sensitive to religiousand cultural beliefs. In this case after chief nurse comment ” while religious belief is important….

” Showed lack sensitivitytowards religious and cultural values. He consumed lesshospital food fearing for the presence of pork in it. An effort made frommedical team to provide patient with dietary product information, which couldhave been easily collected from hospital nutritional services, and ensuring thepatient about pork free food, this little gesture could have helped medicalstaff in gaining Mr.

tarbezis trust.  Medicalstaff here should have voiced strong and more active by communicating his needswith the dietary department. This small effort and gesture is needed forbuilding a connection trust between caregivers and patient.

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