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They must have knowledge about what procedures need to do with the patients like antenatal tests and screening that need to take into account and explain what purpose of these tests and give the patients time to discuss those tests with their partner or family. Patients might refuse to do any antenatal test or examination because they might have scared or anxiety, then the midwives should explain to them why they need to do these this and give them information. So, they have the right to refuse any tests, according to Professional standards of practice and behaviour for nurses and midwives (NMC,2009 code 5), the midwives need to act in the best interest of people at all times which means that respect a person’s right to accept or refuse. For example, at some stage, the midwife will do scanning to listen to the baby’s heart rate and it an optional for the mother to accept or refuse to have ultrasound. However, in some stage, the midwife will do some blood test, urine to check the patient’s glucose and protein and feel the abdomen to see how the child is growing and they do this with consent from patients. Therefore, the midwife should make sure that she gets the properly informed consent and document it before taking any action (NMC 2009, code 6).   The skills the midwives need to have to deliver a good care effectively for patients are, they need to have good communication skills including an active listening, team work, time management, reflective etc.  The midwives have to give a full attention to patients needs and listen to the patients on what they want to say, ask questions if needed and don’t interrupting the patients at inappropriate times because this might make them forget what they want to say, therefore, give them space on what they want to say and take time to understand the point that patients are being made and encourage the patients to look forward to ordinary side of pregnancy and parenthood even in a complex pregnancy and birth. The midwives should communicate with patients in clear and effective way so that they can understand each other. The midwives should make sure that the patients are full understand of the situation and they need to meet patients language and communication. The NMC (2009) explain this in The Code 7.2- Professional standards of practice and behaviour for nurses and midwives by clarify that: the midwives need to take step to meet patient’s language and communication needs and give help as possible, to these patients who need help with communicating their own.  The code emphasis the important of communication with patients and how the midwives can help the patients to understand the information. For example, if the women cannot speak English language and she speak different language, then the midwives can arrange interpreter for her, so that they can convey information effectively, The code emphasis the important of communication with patients and how the midwives can help the patients to understand the information. For example, if the women cannot speak English language and she speak different language, then the midwives can arrange interpreter for her, so that they can convey information effectively, make easier for each other to understand and minimums any misunderstanding or mistakes that can stop the communications from progress.  Use different methods of communications such as verbal and non-verbal, have in mind that people are come from different cultural, so they need a clear communication to understanding and respond to people needs.  Work as part of team is important part in the healthcare, midwives will work with a multidisciplinary team like GPs, health visitors and social work in order to cooperate on a matter of patient’s concern. So, having a good multidisciplinary team will give  a good quality maternity care for women and families, for example the midwives work with obstetric and GP to deliver a good care for women. Another example, during the pregnancy or maybe after the childbirth the mother’s might have mental health problem like women might experience postpartum depression or anxiety disorders such as panic attacks after the child is born. So, in this case, according to the NHS Health Educational England (2016, p.3) the midwives will contact the health visitor as they help with controlling the emotions of the mother, and understanding why the women are react this way, the health visitor may already know why the mother is having postpartum depression especially in first time mothers, it is most likely because she is overwhelmed with having a baby for the first time, and they also help with feeding and help them will learn about being a parent.       Delivering a good maternity care for women and families, will depend on each of the multidisciplinary team and how they work together and effectively. So, to deliver good maternity care according to the code of nurses and midwives (NMC 2009 code.8), they need to respect each other including their skills and report back to your colleagues in appropriate way by using an appropriate language and share the care with other healthcare professionals and staff, so that the patients are receiving a good care and inform your colleagues with you are sharing the information. They need to share information to the other professionals to identify any risk that can impact the patients and work on how to minimise the risk and they need to be supportive to patients who are facing health or performance problem, to deliver care effectively.   

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