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Thesis: The ending of the Russo-Japanese War ended with jealousy and poisoned feelings towards America, this shaped American relations in the long run towards the government of Japan and Japanese immigrants. Furthermore, with the San Francisco School crisis and segregation as well as the end of the Gentlemen’s Agreement.    Roosevelt involvement in negotiating the end of the Russo/Japanese war took place in 1905 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Both parties reached a settlement that neither were satisfied with Japan had to drop the demands they had on Russia for cash and Russia had to evacuate the Sakhalin island. Japan felted cheated and was now a revival to America; it was the America’s Pacific Coast that felt the effects of the Russo-Japanese War. As well as the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882 passed by the Congress and signed by President Chester A. Arthur. This law restricted immigration into the United States of an ethnic working group. This law stopped the Chinese immigration into the United States from becoming a citizen. This was the first significant law that restricted immigration into the United States. So, a new wave of Japanese immigrants began pouring into working valleys of California.     White Californias were afraid that Japanese became the new “yellow peril” that would take over American jobs. Since Japanese were good farmers and a bit more successful than American white farmers. American farmers argue to restructure laws against Japanese farmers (632). In 1906 after San Francisco was hit by an earthquake the education board decided to segregate the Chinese, Japanese Korean student in special schools in order to make more room for white students. This incident created an international crisis of racism economics that contributed to Roosevelt’s involvement the repeal of the school order and the establishment of the Gentlemen’s Agreement (632). The Gentlemen’s Agreement of 1907 an agreement between Japan and the United States it was set by President Theodore Roosevelt with the tension over the immigration of Japanese workers. This agreement was relevant after the Chinese exclusion law since it was an informal agreement of not imposing a restriction on the wives of Japanese men that already live in the U.S. This incident contribute to later events between Japan and the United States as a calm growing tension between the two counties but an overall peace. 

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