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There is a special place in the world where there are magic users. This place is fiora. There are all types of magic in in fiora. Once there was a boy named Roy but, people call him sting. Sting wasn’t an ordinary boy, he was raised by a Fire Dragon. The dragon that raised him taught him a special type of magic called Dragon slayer magic. Sting was the Fire Dragon slayer. One day Stings dragon vanished and left him alone as a child. For about three months sting wandered the lands by himself. One he stumbled upon a guild called Sabertooth. Sabertooth took him in and he finally had a home. While he was the he made a whole bunch of friends. He found himself in a rivalry with and Ice wizard name Grey. They would always start fights with each other, but there was another wizard there named Erica who would break them up. She was an Armour wizard and was one of Sabertooth strongest wizards. Sting would always challenge her but would get destroyed in seconds. Erica didn’t have time to worry about Sting because she already has a rival. Her rival name was Mary Jane, she was half demon and was also one of sabertooth’s strongest wizards.  One day Sting was wondering around in the woods and he found a giant egg. He took the egg back to sabertooth and took care of it with one of his friends Lizana, she was Mary Jane sister. Together they took care of the egg for about three months and it hatched and came a cat. But this cat was not ordinary he was blue and had wings. He was very happy so, Sting named him Happy and kept him around as his friend. About 7 years later Sting meets a girl named Lucy. She gets attacked by some bandits. The bandits kidnapped Lucy and took her there boat. Sting saw them kidnapped her, so he had Happy fly him over the boat and dropped him onto it. He started fighting the bandits the he remembered he has motion sickness. So he was sick on the boat and couldn’t fight. So the bandits boss came out, his name was Lee. Lee ordered his bandits to throw Sting off the bus into the water, so they picked him up and threw him off. While they were throwing Sting off the boat Lucy was able to break out of her ropes. She told the bandits to leave and never come back. They didn’t take her serious because they didn’t think she would be any threat so, they went easy on her. But Lucy is a Key wizard, which means she can open gates with keys and summon spirits. So she opened the watergate and summoned the water spirit Aquarius. Aquarius blew away the whole ship with a giant wave. They wreckage landed in the town with the Lee and his bandits. Lee and his bandits were about to attack Lucy but, out of nowhere came Sting. He started fighting Lee and his bandits, he was destroying everything. He set most of the town on fire with his: Fire Dragon Roar attack, where he breathes fire out of his mouth. After sting beat them he turned his attention towards Lee who was trying to escape. Sting wanted to take him out with one punch. So he started powering up, they way he powers up is by eating fire. But he cant eat his own fire. So he started eating the fire from the wreckage of the boat. Once he powered up he hit Lee with one of his most powerful punches his: Fire Dragon Iron Fist. He blasts Lee into the air and he flys away. Sting is thanked by Lucy for help saving her. Sting says no problem and Lucy asks is there anything she can to repay him. Sting says the one thing she can do for him is join Sabertooth. So Lucy decides to join Sabertooth and go back with Sting. So they get to Sabertooth and Sting introduces Lucy into everybody. He showered her where they post the jobs that clients post because they need help. So now lucy is an official member of Sabertooth. Sting tells lucy his backstory about his childhood and he was raised by a dragon and how his powers work.

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