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are still people that are yet to be given the opportunity to watch and hear the
film’s message. The film’s casts along with Ryan Cayabyab have posted their
thanks in their social media to those who’ve already watched the film and to
those who watched the film including critics have posted positive feedbacks on
social media and in their reviews. And fortunately, the film was brought back
in the cinemas in the start of 2018, January 1, 2018, and it served as the
opportunity for those who still wanted to watch the film. Alongside with its overflowing
positive feedbacks were the numerous MMFF awards that they have received and
the opportunity to be featured and nominated in the international scene. Speaking
of international scene, “Ang Larawan” was featured and nominated in the 30th
Tokyo International Festival for the Asian Future Film award. They have won 6
MMFF awards that composes of the Best Picture, Best Actress: Joanna Ampil, Best
Musical Score: Ryan Cayabyab, Best Production Design, Gat Puno Antonio Villegas
Cultural Award and Posthumous Special Jury Prize for Nick Joaquin and it is the
film that gained the most awards compared to the other films. Each character and
scenes when you come to think of it, it does represent a message, it depicts a
meaning. Like Manolo and Pepang they are the older siblings who have their own
families and they live separately. Don Perico, a senator who’s a former poet,
long forgotten the art of poetry and is now consumed by politics and a high
class life. Mr. Javier, the tenant who constantly persuades Paula and Candida
to sell the painting to his client, an American, for a big amount of money. Now
these people represent some of the people today who are slowly consumed by the
influences brought by time and doesn’t even notice that they are slowly
forgetting where they came from, their culture and their past, the people who
are changing for the sake of being accepted by the society, people who try to
forget their passion for art for the sake of being practical in life and the people
who does thing for the sake of money and their own selves. Paula and Candida,
the unmarried children of Don Lorenzo el Magnifico who are steadfast on their
decision that they will not sell the painting that their father made for them
and that they will not leave their house until they die. Now this is the
message of the film that despite of the constant influences being thrown at us
we should not forget our Filipino culture, traditions, values, our past and our
history we must never forget. We should not be consumed by these influences that
slowly brainwashes us to forget our own culture. These are some of the message
that the film composes of.

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