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There are numerous reasons for why I am seeking admission to Montclair State University, such as the distinguished faculty members who will help me in every possible way they can, the student body, whom I will learn a lot from, and a very nice campus where I will collect memories and build connections. Since my sister is currently a student at Montclair State, I visit the campus periodically. Once, I visited Montclair State just to see how it feels to be like in a university setting. I sat in a classroom and imagined myself as a student there. Right there and then I knew this was the place I wanted to continue from. Even the thought was exciting me. Since then, my interest in Montclair State grew throughout the years. I always imagined being a student at Montclair State and now, here I am, taking my first few steps to attain an outstanding education. I visited tens of colleges throughout my high school years, but there is something different about Montclair State that attracts me more than all. Montclair State is in a great location where I can pursue my career and work to be an exceptional student and hopefully, an alumni in the future. I also would want to experience studying abroad since Montclair State has great international options for this. Starting off my career from Montclair State and extending into the world will be a dream come true. I know traveling the world and learning about how all other systems work by gathering information from the primary source will be very beneficial for me. These are significant experiences that millions of people dream of, but only some achieve. It’s not easy to reach this goal, but hard work is the key to earning anything you want and I want to earn this. Montclair State is the perfect fit for me in terms of education, connections, and opportunities. It is the place where I want to make my dreams come true. Throughout my high school years, I took over many leadership positions such as in Life Savers club, Media Club, and Varsity Soccer Team. By taking leadership positions in these clubs I was able to see my potential as a leader and got more ambitious to make a change. I began foreseeing financial or organizational obstacles and formed plans to resolve them; often before others even noticed that there was a problem approaching. Most Importantly, I learned how to work as a team and from a harmony within the association. Taking different points of views into consideration, I broadened my own. Four years ago my school moved to a new building. Our student-teacher ratio was lower in contrast to other schools in NJ. The administration was working on increasing the number of students. I started brainstorming on how I can help my school and after conceptualizing my ideas, I came up with a solution. Instead of waiting for people to find out about our school, I stepped up and took action to find the people and promote my school. My plan was to use the power of social media, the platform that is capable to reach all around the world. The idea was to upload weekly broadcasts about our school on Youtube. We began this broadcast with three students and one teacher. The next school year, we opened a media club for the broadcast. Today, there are 22 students who put their hearts into this enterprise working with determination and enthusiasm. Most importantly, we accomplished it. Our school started growing more and more every year due to the school-wide broadcast, which was my initial goal. With all the experience that I have gained till today, I will work hard to be an outstanding Montclair State University student.

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