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is an ever increasing demand for energy as conventional sources of energy are
depleting fast. Energy is the motive power that keeps wheels of industry moving
and other things live and dynamic. Conventional sources of energy like coal,
petrol, lignite and natural gas are limited and may soon be exhausted.
Moreover, they are not eco friendly and also they cause enormous amount of
emission of GHG gases and contributes to global climate change. Short term
damage includes local air pollution, degradation of environment and also
disrupts various ecological cycles. Therefore, the use of these fossil fuels be
decreased and those of renewable sources of energy can be increased to protect
our earth and sustain its resources for quality life. Renewable sources of energy are the energy sources that can be used as
an alternative to fossil fuels. Energy generated from natural sunlight, wind,
rain, tides, geothermal, biomass etc which are naturally replenished.Since ages, fossil fuels provide valuable services.
Not the use of fossil fuels makes it problematic but its side effects which
cause all problems. They create and emit carbon dioxide (GHG gas) which is
responsible for global warming. Combustion of these fossil fuels is considered
to be the biggest contributing factor to enhance the GHG level in the
atmosphere. The IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) fourth assessment
report concluded that observed increase in average global change since the mid
20th century is likely due to increased anthropogenic GHG
concentration. And new atmospheric temperature measurement in fifth assessment
report shows an estimated warming of 0.85 degree Celsius (1.5 degree Fahrenheit)
since 1880. The Industrial Revolution marked a major turning point in earth’s
ecology, economy, society and the human relationship with nature. This era
dramatically changed every aspect of human induced activities. These
anthropogenic activities, prolific population growth and total dependence on
fossil fuels for energy led to warming of the planet.

Renewable sources of energy are one of the solutions
to tackle these problems. Firstly, they are an unlimited resource and hold huge
potential for power generation. Secondly, the renewables do not impact the
environment as seen in the case of conventional sources. Hence they are more
sustainable. Renewable energy systems can contribute to the security of energy

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are various forms of renewable energy


energy generation holds great promise in the country. It is estimated that
total solar isolation or exposure to the rays of the sun per square meter
surface is quite high in India. For greater part of the year during the day
there is much bright sunshine throughout the country and it can be used to our
great advantage to produce more for industrial and domestic use

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