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There are several could service that provide by
Google such as compute, storage and database, networking, identity and
security, and internet. These services are require user to pay for the usage, the
price is depends on the usage of sub services that user choose on each main services
or the time of using the service such as hourly or monthly.

The service that our group decide
to choose is the Compute service. Compute is like virtual computer that using
internet which usually known as “the cloud”. Furthermore, the examples for
compute cloud services are virtual computer engine and app engine. The sub
services that exist in Google compute cloud service such as Compute Engine, App
Engine, Kubernetes Engine and Cloud FuntionsBETA.

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There are three major types
of cloud service that commonly been issued by many company such as
infrastructure-as-a-service(IaaS), platform-as-a-service(PaaS), and
software-as-a-service(SaaS). IaaS is the fundamental category of cloud
computing services. It allow you to rent a IT
infrastructure such as virtual machines(VMs), storage, network, operating
systems without buying a physical component for saving cost purpose. While, PaaS is the cloud computing services that supply an
environment for developing, testing, delivering and managing software
applications. The objective is to help the developers to create web or mobile
apps in a short period. Other that, SaaS is a way that provides software
applications over the Internet. SaaS provide host and
management for the software application and underlying infrastructure and
manage any maintenance such as software upgrades and security patching.

According to Google ( Compute
Engine – IaaS, n.d.), Compute Engine service which is a sub service for Google
compute cloud service is an example of the infrastructure-as-a-service(IaaS),
it provides virtual machines(VM) which is execute in Google innovative data
centers and global fiber network. The tools and
workflow for compute engine is allow scaling from single instances to global
and load-balanced cloud computing. It also provides prefix sizes or
enables the user to make some configuration on the VM such as create custom
machine type. The Google VM will boot up within a few second because it offer the
industry-leading local SSD performance with a constant disk storage which is
faster than our normal hard disk (HDD), and provide stable performance by using
the powerful and persistent cross-machine bandwidth such as Google’s private
global fiber network which enable to check the network configurations and run
some tests. The price for compute engine is depend on the machine type and the
machine class is regular or preemptible, such as standard machine, high-memory
machine, high-CPU machine, mega-memory machine and custom machine. For example
the standard machine price for n1-standard-1(regular) machine is $0.0475USD but
for preemptible version is $0.0100USD (Google Compute Engine Pricing, 2017 dec
11).  For further information please
refer to Apendix.

The example for platform-as-a-service(PaaS)
is fall to App Engine, it is platforms that enable the user to develop the web
and mobile application (App Engine – Build Scalable Web & Mobile Backends
in Any Language, n.d.). App Engine support many programming language such as
Nodes.js, Java, Ruby, C#, Go, Python, and PHP. Other that, App Engine also
provide firewall and enables user to add any library and framework to App
Engine by using Docker containers. Furthermore, Google’s world-class network
infrastructure enables the App Engine which in heavy work loads with very low
latency. As addition, App Engine is very flexible also that allows user to
specific their App specification for CPU and RAM requirement and the App Engine
will be automatically provide the infrastructure that meet the specific
requirement so the developer can pay more focus on coding part without worrying
the infrastructure such as handle traffic, load balancing, and updates to the underlying
OS. The price for App Engine service are depend on instance class, computing
resource, cloud datastore, search, and other resource. For an example, instance
class B1 cost $0.05USD per hour per instance (App Engine Pricing, 2017). Please
refer to Apendix for more price information.

For the software-as-a-service(SaaS)
example is Kebernetes Engine (Google Kubernetes Engine, n.d.). Kebernetes
Engine is developing by Google which has history about 15 years. It is
containerized application that store your application in a container
environment which using the resource in efficient method, increase developer
productivity, automated operation and flexibility of open source. Other that,
Kubernetes Engine not can only to build stateless application but also can
attach to persistent storage and execute database in your cluster. As addition,
this service also help user to provide and automatically manage the user cloud
resources. There are some cool feature that provide by this engine such as auto
upgrade the cluster to latest version of Kubernetes Engine, auto repair if a
node fails, allow user to limit the application on memory and CPU usage, identity
and access management, Google Cloud VPN, monitoring the application when it’s running,
high security level which backed by Google security team over 750 expert and open
source portability that allow user to import data that from other Kubernetes
platforms that across the cloud. The price for this service is depends on
Compute Engine machine type and the total number of nodes(Kubernetes Engine,

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