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is not too much research about these issues because this study did not contain
long history except some issues. These matters have got attention of different
countries of world specially drone attacks. So researchers conducted on such
issues and researchers tried to find out hidden realities of these attacks. For
example in research paper drone has been considered a righ tool to fight with
terrorist and terrorism (CORNELL I NT’LL.J.729,2011). Some researchers from
(Quaid i Azam University,Islamabad) also conducted their research on political
talk shows which are about drone attacks to find out correct measurments about
this important issue.Idealogical analysis of different political members are
presented by them. What are hidden idealogies behind these attacks? Some
foregin researchers givr views that these atracks are helpful to overcome the
fight against terrorism.


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is a common term. It is unit of language,it is a speech or expression if
thoughts in text, above the level of sentence not restricted to single sentence
for analyzing language discourse analysis is used it can be written or spoken. Discourse
is something that delivre message to others. So language is discourse chained
witg words.

Foucalt gives views about discourse as:

The general domain to all statements.

An individualizable group of statement.

Critical Discourse Analysis:

some words are known by public they indirectly carry a direct message. It is clear
thaf single statement can always be explained in many ways. A person get fierce
at one statement and a learned man show positive attitude to that statement. If
the whole synopsis of system of country is observed it is clear that CDA has
important role in politics. CDA is a useful tool to understand indirect
messages generally and particularly in politics that allow the possible action
of any occurence. In general it cover social issues but particularly political
matters. It examines critically oral or written speech but not as it is.It
further inform us of the intention of speaker behind the selection of words. The
term critical whenever used always involve unequal reactions. CDA does not deal
with covered ideologies but also informs how choice of words help to prepare
those idealogies. Context has a major role behind these words. Actually few
words of speaker convey messagr. Van Djik defines CDA as Critical Discourse
Analysis is type of discourse analyticsl research that primarily studies the
way social abuse dominamce and inequality are anacted reproduced and resisted
by text and talk in the social and political context. (Van Djik,2001,p.352)

research on discourse has to fulfill a large number of demands in order to
recognize its aims, goal or intentions. Fairclough and Wodak (1997:271-80)
summarize these main tenets of CDA as follows:

CDA addresses social problem.

power relations are discursive.

Discourse constitutes society and culture.

Discourse does idealogical work.

Discourse is historical.

The link between text and society is mediated.

Discourse analysis is interpretative and explanatory.

Discourse is a farm of social action.

we critically observe this matter of research we observe drone attack is not
domestic matter. It is a social problem. Power relations are creeping. Discourse
contains culture of peculiar social problem. Behind the words idealogies are
also described. There are relation between texts and society. Discourse
analysis is something that analyse a text and clears the link of word with

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